Is it Fabulous? FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Review

Just like everyone else I was super curious to see what goodies were in store if you ordered a FabFitFun box. So my curiosity finally got the best of me and I tried out the Spring 2019 box and all of its products the past several weeks. Here are the holy grails, the hits and misses, and everything else you should know about the box service before trying one yourself!

My first impression of the box was that it definitely was beautiful! Upon arrival, the box was decorated in a gorgeous flowering cactus pattern perfect for spring. Right off the bat on opening it everything was nicely wrapped and packaged and a layer of colored tissue paper was on top to give it even more of a luxurious feeling. All of the packaging was new and fresh, all of the products were nicely packaged and arrived safely and without damage. Overall in terms of my expectations for packaging, aesthetics, and what was advertised, my expectations were surpassed.

In terms of the variety and amount of products, I was shocked at the wide array of products as well as the variety of different types of things within the box. The products within the box ranged from stunning rose gold measuring cups for cooking to a lovely burlap mini backpack to marbled makeup brushes. Everything was great quality and also great quantity as there were easily a half dozen full sized items that came in the box. There were many products and many different types of products so in terms of variety and amount of content I was very happy to have a full box with many good quality, full sized items with something for everyone!

The box also contained not just a wide array of products as well as good sized products, but also good quality products. The proof is in the pudding, and upon using these products all of them worked like a dream. There were some products like the dry brush that wasn’t right for me, but all the products that were my type were outstanding and worked amazingly well. Some of my favorite products included the rose gold measuring cup set that I use to measure out coffee in my dorm room, not only are they cute and compact but they are easy to clean and great material. Additionally, the Korres Wild Rose Sleep mask was a highlight, enriched with vitamin C, it is a facial mask you sleep in. The mask is creamy and a great texture and doesn’t feel heavy, and when you wake up and wash it off your face feels rejuvenated. Another favorite product would be the Athens necklace in silver that came in the box as well. It fit beautifully, didn’t discolor my skin and is very pretty.

My favorite product I received in my box was the Champagne and Charcoal Scrub from Manna Kadar Cosmetics. This scrub smells incredible and feels fantastic on your skin. It does a great job at clearing away any dirt and grime and exfoliating without stripping or irritating your skin. It's hydrating and leaves your skin feeling refreshing, renewed, and restored.

There weren’t really any flops for me, all of the products worked well and were good quality, just some of them weren’t for me. But overall, the box was a success and definitely worth the money. The FabFitFun box was definitely fabulous, and I cannot wait to try the Summer box next!