Isabella Sangaline, President of Drexel Quidditch Club

Isabella Sangaline, also known as Izzy, is a sophomore majoring in history. Being an active person and playing sports previously, Izzy knew she wanted to stay active during college. And that’s where Drexel’s Quidditch Club comes in.


    Izzy is currently the president of Drexel’s Quidditch Club and has also held the role of Vice President for the club. To all Harry Potter fans out there, you’ll know a quidditch game when you see one. But for those who may not know, Quidditch is a sport that started from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. With the huge success of the books and the movies, it was a sure plan to make the sport a competitive game to play in real life. The game involves two teams that consists of seven players. Each player has a position and role that they play in order to catch the Golden Snitch and win the game.


    Since Izzy has a background in playing soccer, she knew she wanted to do something in order to stay active in school, but she wanted to do something different. “I wanted to do something that was more active and would keep me fit and moving,  Quidditch gave me that. It was something different that was competitive and also just fun and relaxed at the same time,” said Izzy, “All of the people are dorky and super fun to hang around with. It’s like we are a mini family.”


    When it comes to her favorite part of being on the team, Izzy said it would have to be meeting new players and developing her skills as a Quidditch player. “We have recently joined up with a local team, The Philadelphia Honey badgers so we can get players to advance their skills,” she said. “Watching yourself and knowing how you played at the beginning of the year and seeing yourself in a tournament now, you look back and see the growth and it’s amazing!”


    Being the President and previously Vice President of a student organization has also helped Izzy in her professional life, like getting jobs and interviewing for co-ops. “Every employer I interviewed for with my co-op pointed out the fact that I was previously vice president,” she said, “They actually asked me what are my responsibilities as vice president. And then we would always spend 10-minutes talking about the sport itself.”


And if you are interested in joining Drexel’s Quidditch Club, they are always open to new members! “If you just show up to our practices, we are always accepting new players!” she said, “We usually have practices at highline field or at Buckley fields on Saturday and Sunday. And we also have practice on Thursday nights from 6-7pm outside of the DAC.” You can also like their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Izzy is a great example of how the leadership roles you possess in any club, whether it be big or small, can come in handy.