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How Waking Up at 5:30 Changed my Life

I know you clicked on this thinking there is no way someone can do that every single day. Well, here I am to prove that it’s possible.


If you think this is simple, you’re sadly mistaken, love. The only thing that will make it work is if you are not only motivated, but dead set on achieving your goal. 

You might wanna know why the hell would you want to do that, well here’s a little background story. After a very rough summer mentally, I decided I needed to find out what was most important to me and spend more time taking care of it. That being: my mental health, my sanity and making sure I called my grandparents once a week. 

You see, my entire family lives in France and being six hours behind makes it harder to talk to my grandparents who wake up and go to bed early. Since I’m on Co-op working until 5 pm, I have to call them before I get to work because I don’t want to be yelling on the phone in the office for everyone to hear me, people will think I’m crazy. Point being that they are my motivation. 


Now, since I have started waking up early, I have found out multiple things that I’d like to share.

Do not think this is easy, it is very hard to discipline yourself into going to bed by 10 pm and waking up at 5:40 at the latest. You won’t look cute in the morning so. if you are trying to look your best to impress the cutie in your class, you might wanna pass on this.

My tip is to activate Downtime and Do Not Disturb and schedule them. That’ll force you off your phone or at least make you realize that it’s time to put your phone down.

Image courtesy of VandenVogue 

Another thing you might not know is that YOU ARE GOING TO SAVE MONEY BY DOING THIS! Yes, that’s right baby, more money in your bank account. If you wake up early you have time to make breakfast, which will prevent you from buying a snack on your way to class or work. But you also have time to prepare lunch. I know, thinking that far in advance is tough. But at least you can bring your food to work or if your lunchtime is short between your classes, you only have to heat it up and you are ready to go. 

In addition, I always had trouble focusing (and if you relate: cheers) so working on things in the morning is so much easier because every single human being on campus is sleeping. Your phone won’t blow up from notifications because your streaks won’t have started yet (also, let’s stop doing streaks and start having real conversations) and you’ll be able to work on that paper you’ve been putting off because you wanted to hang out with your friends. 

Image courtesy of Camille Ruaudel

And finally, I have always hated going to the gym because for some reason I feel like everyone is judging the way I do my workout or how I run, I just feel like I look stupid. Well, guess what? I can work out in peace now because, you guessed it, NO ONE is at the gym at the time of the day. 


Just like Nike says Just Do It

Camille Ruaudel is a Lebow College of Business student at Drexel University majoring in Marketing and Accounting. She loves makeup, changing up her hair with wigs and extensions, going to Ariana Grande's concerts, shopping and spending time with her friends and family.
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