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How to Throw Your Friend the Best 21st Birthday

So, your best friend is turning 21? This is the probably the single-handedly most important year of her young life. As a best friend, it is essential to make this night one she will never forget. A 21st birthday is more than just another year, as well as more than just another birthday. In fact, the 21st birthday is a symbol of entering adulthood, and this is where life gets real. Not to mention, becoming legal! We’re here to give you the step by step rundown on planning this night with ease. This way, instead of worrying about the nights itinerary, you and spend it taking every moment in. 

Step One: Pre-Planning

The first step of throwing the best 21st birthday is to ask your friend how they might want to spend it. We all have our own glamorous ideas about what makes the perfect birthday, so first, and most importantly, is to find out what your best friend wants. Some might want a “rager” night, where others might want to have a luxurious, expensive night on the town. We recommend doing this subtlety about a month before her birthday so that she won’t suspect that you have some plans up your sleeve. Ways to bring up the topic are to show them ideas for your own birthday or other friends parties and see how she reacts. 


Step Two: The Gifts

After you find out what your bff really wants, the next step is to find them the best possible gift. If your friend is more adventurous, a great gift would be getting two tickets to a show or a concert and event that the two of you can do together. The best gifts are always the one you can remember. You can find great deals on StubHub for last minute shows that don’t sell out. A more fashion-obsessed friend might love something like a gift card tree or a perfect outfit from her favorite store. A great way to spend the day of her birthday for your fashionista bff is to take them out to the city for a full on shopping spree. No matter what, try to make the birthday special with some sentimental love. The greatest gift is knowing that someone loves you, so show your bff that with maybe a beautiful frame with your favorite pictures of the two of you. Still feel like the gift isn’t perfect? Throw in little presents, like pampering supplies, nail certificates, and bath bombs galore.

Step Three: The Big Day

For the day itself, the birthday should be spent with your friends interests in mind. It would be great to take her with a bunch of her closest friends out to an awesome brunch or breakfast filled with legal mimosas, but make sure that is what she wants. There’s going to be a full night ahead of her so also consider spending the day pampering. Grab her friends and all get your nails done, get blow-outs, makeup done, and plan for the night of fun. Depending on what you planned, make sure all reservations are made and that everyone is responsible for themselves. Your job as a friend is to make sure that she is safe and having fun, so avoid romantic drama, sloppy friends and booking issues at restaurants or bars. 

There is no best way to have a 21st; your best friend might want to go to a five-star steakhouse, order cocktails and eat filet. Another bestie might want to go club hopping and spend her 21 st under a disco ball, dancing the night away in her sky-high stilettos.

The real best way to give her the most memorable 21st birthday is to spend it together, filling her day with love and friendship, followed by a night she will never forget.

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