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How to Plan Your School Schedule like a Boss

When registering for classes, it can be easy to stumble around and not know what classes to take, especially when you get closer to graduation. As you move up in college, the required classes you have to take becomes less, and you have free reign to take what you want, but how do you make sure you can graduate on time? With these tips you should be able to plan your schedules terms ahead and be able to snag all the classes you need to take to graduate! 

Talk to your advisor

If there is anyone that knows how many credits you are missing or what classes you should take, it’s your academic advisor. I know that there can be a negative stigma regarding seeing your academic advisor, and your advisor is not right all the time. However, if you don’t know where to start, it might be best to talk to your advisor and see what they say. Then you can keep some of their ideas or disregard them. It’s important to have a second opinion. 

Set up a mock schedule using an online template 

I use the schedule template from Free College Schedule Maker. It’s the most common one and it works the best. As shown above, you can plan out your classes to make sure that you have the perfect schedule. If you want to be extra (like me), you can put all the information you need to register, such as your CRN’s or any other numbers related to the course you want to schedule. Doing this will lead to less stress when it comes to registering, as it can get hectic trying to get all your classes and the right times before classes fill up. 

Calculate your credits 

Make sure you know how many credits you have, how many credits you are taking right now, and then how many you will need to graduate. Sometimes you may be surprised to know if you are ahead or behind your expected graduation date because of your credits. It will be easier to plan out your future terms when you know how many credits you need to graduate. 

Registering for your classes can be a daunting task, especially if you want to make sure you graduate on time, but with these tips, hopefully you can plan your schedule stress-free! 

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