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How to Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving

If you’re not going home for Thanksgiving this year because you’re at school, far away from home, or you just want an excuse to invite your friends over and overindulge in food, here is a list of things you must include in your party. Have fun and gobble ’til you wobble!

Food, duh!

It cannot be a Friendsgiving without you and your friends’ favorite food. But instead of just one person bringing food, have everyone bring one dish of their choosing, Just like a potluck so there is a variety of dishes and the host isn’t stuck cooking for everyone. Another way to change it up is to order takeout from different restaurants! But do not forget the essentials… turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

Photo Ops

Is it really Friendsgiving without a photo wall and turkey hats?? Pick up some banners, streamers, letter balloons and pumpkins for cute pics

Place settings

Be sure to get cute placemats and centerpieces to add a little more to the table. You can also use flowers, candles, fake leaves, cute nametags and a fun plaid or festive tablecloth.

Don’t forget the drinks

Make it festive; throw in seasonal beers, wine and cider. 


Paper plates and plastic utensils

Do yourself a favor and get the Jumbo paper plates and a basket of utensils. Make sure you have one designated garbage can for the food, this will save you from could be hours of doing dishes and cleaning up garbage scattered everywhere. 


After indulging, relax

After everyone has indulged, pick out your favorite movie. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is always a go-to if you can’t decide on anything after scrolling through Netflix a few times.


After-dinner activities

If you and your friends are not completely in a food coma, pick out a favorite card game, like cards against humanity. You can also play a drinking game to keep the night going, or tell your friends what you are thankful for. This is a nice way to remind everyone why you are all together in the first place.


Make sure you have containers for everyone to take their leftovers in! Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best meals you will have all year, don’t let it all go to waste 

Friendsgiving: Thanksgiving, but without the awkward family questioning.

    Morgan is a Communications Major at Drexel University.She is Currently the Event Coordinator for Drexel's chapter. She is into travel, cooking and Fitness/wellness and may spend a little too much time online shopping.
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