How to Find Positivity in Day to Day Life

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Some good some bad. It can be easy to focus on the bad, but at times that can lead to feeling depressed pretty fast. It is really important to find positive aspects of life!!! 

1. Give thanks 

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Find something to be thankful for everyday. This one act can have a domino effect because realizing that you are thankful for one thing can lead to being thankful for another thing and then another thing.


2. Laugh!

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Laughter is medicine to the soul. Tryout that new rom-com on Netflix or  watch a try-not to-laugh video on YouTube. 


3. Go hang out with someone!


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This probably seems so simple that it should not even be in this list. When school, work, and life all seem to get busy it be almost first nature to just stay in the dorm or apartment. But, its really important to see someone else’s face, even if its just to get a coffee after class. 


4. Read a book.

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I would not suggest reading a really heavy book if you are already feeling down. Try out a novel or go back to a classic that always makes you smile. I know time is tight, but try giving it 15 minutes a day. Your brain deserves a break from everything else it’s trying to handle.


5. Take a moment to breathe. 

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People approach this differently, some people do yoga, others pray, some meditate. But just take a moment out of your day to put everything else that is going on aside and to clear your mind and set your intentions for the day or week ahead. 

These are just suggestions and different things work for different people. But, most importantly find something to do that lightens up your day.