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How to Customize Your Spring Break to Memorial Day Work Out Plan

While your motivation to get a spring break ready body may have come and gone, fear not because spring break is overrated. Unless you’re off to the Caribbean (lucky you) spring break is much more of a staying in and watching Netflix kind of week. That being said, Memorial Day is coming up and many a beach trip are in order! So this time in between is perfect for you to cultivate the willpower and get yourself bikini ready! With summer just around the corner, I LOVE using this time to push myself harder at the gym. Whether you’re on co-op or in classes, it’s time to make working out a habit by planning something active every weekday!

Rec Center Ready

If the Rec Center is the first place you turn, you have made a smart decision. Why not utilize an amazing facility you already have access to? This spring term pick one workout class a week that fits perfectly into your schedule and stick to it! I promise you will make friends and even the instructors will begin to hold you accountable. This is a great budget-friendly workout option! Now that you have picked your workout class, build the rest of your gym routine! There are five days in a week so why do the same thing over and over? Abs on Monday, booty on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday … the possibilities are endless!

The Power of the Internet

Now that you have your fitness class, it is time to figure out what areas you want to focus on. Whether it is getting hardcore abs, a faster mile time, a more banging booty, or an overall tone-up, it is time to utilize the power of the Internet. Find a great butt workout to do on Monday, a killer abs sequence for Tuesday, an awesome arm workout for Wednesday, a long leg sequence for Thursday, and a total body blast for Friday. YouTube is a great place to go to find a work out you can do, learn the technique, and feel like a total champ when you walk into the Rec Center the next day to do it! Take a little time out of your schedule to plan a weekly workout plan to follow over the next few weeks till Memorial Day!

Get Ready to Run

If you’re keeping track, you’ve got a fun workout class and a great resistance-training schedule, so let’s add in the cardio! Whether you love running, biking, or even rowing, pick a cardio that keeps your heart rate up. Cardio for some is a blessing and for others it’s a curse, but if you push through you’ll watch the weight melt off. Try running outside during the day if the stuffy gym isn’t for you! Need a little extra motivation? Sign up for a local charity race! They usually start at the art museum and can be anywhere from a 5K to a 10K. Registering for a race may give you that extra push to stay on track with your cardio training!

Working out is half the battle

Now that you have this killer workout schedule and newfound motivation, it’s time to start making some healthy changes to what you eat! There is no crazy diet secret here; fruits and veggies are your best bet! Add lots of natural color to your diet with clean, natural fruits, veggies, lean protein, nuts, and whole grains. Now that we are out of those harsh winter months, some yummy fruits can help prep your taste buds for summer!

Here is an example of what your weekly schedule should resemble at the end of it all:

Monday – Blogilates 10 Min Butt Lift Challenge video

Tuesday – Body Pump class at the Rec Center

Wednesday – Sore to the Core Chair Ab Workout tutorial

Thursday – Schuylkill jog

Friday – Tank Top Arms video

Saturday – 5K charity race

Sunday – Rest and stretch

Your spring break to Memorial Day workout plan is easily customizable and tons of fun! Just take the time to sit down, figure out what you want, and get moving! Scheduling your fitness routine will help you stick to your goals and eliminate the excuses. A strict regimen will allow you to get exactly what you want out of your body this summer. Every body is strong and beautiful, so celebrate yours by challenging it with something new! I promise you’re stronger than you think you are. Are you up to the challenge?

Dyana is a pre-junior at Drexel University with a double major in marketing and finance.  She is often stuck on campus studying for her majors, but in her free time she loves to explore what the city has to offer.  Dyana also loves to exercise and stay active all year round; she is always trying new workouts and researching the best way to stay active.  As a closet writer, she is excited to publish her work for Her Campus Drexel! 
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