How to celebrate the holidays in Philadelphia

All couples or even singles who are seeking dates are always dreaming of Instagram-worthy holiday dates. Philadelphia is an unbelievable city for exploring and pretty easy to navigate. If you want to go on a holiday adventure this upcoming season with a date, loved one, or even for some alone time right in the City of Brotherly Love, read below.

  1. The Rothman Ice Rink and America’s Garden Capital Maze at Dilworth Park and City Hall

The most loved part of Philadelphia is surrounded by holiday pop-up shops, ice rinks and different vendors. The Rothman Institute Ice Rink is incapsulated by the Hernhut star-topped stalls with vendors selling boozy drinks provided by the beer garden, holiday sweets and treats, a light bite, and unique gifts available for sale. This is the perfect daytime or evening date if you want to capture the Philadelphia spirit. 

Image courtesy of Visit Philadelphia

2. Carriage rides throughout Philadelphia 

Carriage rides are offered throughout the city of Philadelphia. You can take a quick stop at Starbucks, Joe’s or the new Saxbys in Rittenhouse to grab a hot cocoa before heading to sight-see past the historic streets of Philadelphia. This is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the city on a romantic date without having to walk around to sight-see. This date would gift you an incredible memory filled with holiday bliss. 

3. Rittenhouse Square for a meal & shopping

Enjoy a dinner at one of the exclusive restaurants in Rittenhouse Square after a day of shopping and enjoying the spirited atmosphere. Some romantic and relaxing meal destinations in Rittenhouse are Scarpetta, Devon Seafood Grille, Parc, Barclay Prime, and Rouge. If you enjoy brunch on your date, my top suggestion would be Parc, since they have a sprawling brunch menu with bottomless mimosas. The other restaurants would all be fabulous options for a swanky lunch and dinner.

4. South Philadelphia for Miracle on 13th Street

This has been one of my favorite sites in Philadelphia during the holidays since I was young because it represents the traditions over the years in the City of Brotherly Love! If you want to make a night out of seeing the Miracle on 13th Street, you can go to one of the restaurants on Passyunk Avenue such as Cantina or Philly’s famous Chickie’s and Pete’s. If you're not up for an entire meal, you can pick up a famous cannoli from Termini’s Bakery, with the lights to follow.

Image courtesy of Curbed Philly

5. Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

The Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest has so many attractions for people of all ages. This event is similar to the Rothman Ice Rink at LOVE Park, but is geared more towards hosting small gatherings as well with the ability to rent out a lodge overlooking the ice rink and other attractions. The best part about this destination is that Philadelphia’s creamery, Franklin Fountain, has an exclusive pop-up shop where they serve sundaes, ice cream with waffles, s’mores and house made hot chocolates for you and your significant other to enjoy. 

To keep your dates interesting and festive, visit these locations and create new and fun memories with your loved one! Living in a huge city, there are so many ways to celebrate the holidays and we guarantee that you’ll never get bored.