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Holiday Gift Guide: Small Business Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

The holidays are creeping up on us, and you know what that means: shopping for gifts. With the millions of options overwhelming you all over social media, it may be hard to figure out where to even start. But here at Her Campus, we know exactly where we’ll be getting our gifts this year–Philly. Philly is home to so many talented artists who deserve their time in the spotlight. So enjoy our compilation of one-of-a-kind gifts that are not only going to make your friends and family happy, but also will help local artisans pursue their dreams.

1. Custom Stamped Bracelet

Image courtesy of Stone Cooper

There’s nothing more personal than a custom gift. Jewelry brands like Stone Cooper are getting in on the customized trend by hand-stamping fun phrases and sayings onto chic gold bracelets that will complement any look. Hit up the D&M pop-up shop for some exclusive Philly-themed bands collaborated on with Drexel students!

2. Henna Christmas Ornament

Image courtesy of Etsy

Surprise a special someone in your life with a one-of-a-kind ornament to dress up their Christmas tree. Drexel alum Leia Johnson is the artist behind PaintWithPurposeUS, which carries all kinds of hand-painted products with beautiful henna-inspired art.

3. Wool Dryer Balls

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

What do you get for the person who has everything? These wool dryer balls are the inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and will keep your laundry from getting static cling. Your mom, grandparent, or basically anyone in your life who does laundry (so, everyone) will be super impressed with a clever and practical gift like this one.

4. Slammit Doll

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

If you haven’t heard of the Slammit doll, you’ve really been missing out. A Slammit doll is the solution to letting all your frustration out in a completely harmless way. Hit it, slam it, do anything you want to it, and it will never yell back at you. Perfect for someone in your life (a sibling, perhaps?) that you may annoy every now and then.  

5. Travel Organizer

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

You know that friend whose purse is a bottomless pit of random coins, pens, gum, and who knows what else? (Or maybe you’re that friend–we don’t judge.) A colorful fabric organizer made of mismatched prints is a super cute way to actually keep that bag organized. Got a friend who’s studying abroad for the winter? They can throw it in their carry-on for on-the-go ease, and will be thanking you the whole time.

6. Mini Handmade Pottery

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

Who doesn’t love a handmade ceramic pot? These little guys can literally be used for anything– for air plants, holding incense, or even as candles. Better yet, the artist signs every individual piece, giving them that one-of-a-kind authentic feeling that you can’t get at a mass retailer. Really make your gift-receiver feel special by knowing that they have something no one else has.

7. An Artistic Greeting Card

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

For those out-of-state relatives who won’t get the chance to visit over the holidays, let them know you’re still thinking of them with a one-of-a-kind card. These beautiful designs were made by Professor Roberta Gruber, not only a respected artist, but also the previous head of the Department of Design at Drexel! This is the perfect way to show off your college pride to your relatives (who we know will just eat that up) without buying something with the words “Drexel University” plastered all over them. As a bonus, the inside of the card is completely blank so you can personalize it exactly as you please.

8. An Ugly Sweater…Pet Bed

Image courtesy of D&M Shop

This gift is the ultimate twist on an ugly sweater, stuffed with love for your pet’s enjoyment. Now your cat or dog can have their very own holiday sweater without having to force them into wearing something they don’t want to! Your purchase is sure to be a winner for your favorite furry friend. As an added bonus it’s eco-friendly too, because all of the pet beds are made of upcycled pre-existing sweaters.

Now that you have all of your gifts picked out (and maybe one or two things for yourself), lucky for you, you won’t have to go far! All of these gifts will be found conveniently on Drexel’s campus on December 5th from 2-5PM in the URBN Center. Come shop and support your local Philly artists and student-driven retail!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.