Girl Boss Spotlight: Stone Cooper, Our New Favorite Jewelry Brand

For the past five years, Philadelphia based jewelry company Stone Cooper has been designing “distinctive, wearable pieces” that you can now find right at Drexel! Inspiring brands like this will be found at Drexel’s Design & Merchandising Pop-Up Shop, coming December 5th to the URBN Center, and we want to tell you all about them. The shop will stock some pretty gorgeous products like these all made by local small businesses. We couldn’t be more excited (and the brand's 4500+ Instagram followers would agree!)

Image Courtesy of Stone Cooper's Instagram

Founder Katherine ‘Kat’ Sliclen began the company with a conscientious outlook and appreciation for quality, all while creating jewelry that tells a story, whether that be what Kat had in mind when designing, or what it evokes in you as the wearer. Not only can you find her products online, but she also does plenty of pop-up shops like the one coming to Drexel. 

When looking over the collection from Stone Cooper, it is clear that the pieces are a beautiful fusion of silversmithing, casting, beadwork, metal-stamping, wirework, and repurposing. This blend of old and modern techniques go beyond the making for Kat, it's in her family history. The brand name, Stone Cooper, is a combination of her middle name, Cooper, and the namesake of her ancestors, who were stone cutters in New York City during the 1800s.

Image Courtesy of Stone Cooper

A major source of inspiration for the Stone Cooper collections is finding “beauty in the unexpected.” This is a common theme and huge trend for many Philadelphians: looking towards nature, urban life, historical influences, and everyday objects for inspiration. Philadelphia, its history, and the city’s surrounding areas are full of hidden beauty just asking for you to get out and explore it!

Some recent influences for Stone Cooper’s Protection Collections are anthology, symbols, and crystals (and who doesn’t love crystals?) Each theme is individual while remaining cohesive, and lets you layer to your heart’s desire.

As seen on runways, streets, and in the media, the trend of the moment is layering multiple minimalistic pieces together or adding them to one statement piece. We’ve seen this all over from our favorite fashion vloggers and influencers, and Stone Cooper highlights the versatility to eclectic layering throughout their lookbooks and Instagram.

Image Courtesy of Stone Cooper 

A unique new addition found at the D&M Shop this December is a series of engraved cuffs featuring a range of inspirational, funny, and Philadelphia themed words or sayings, all picked by Design and Merchandising students in collaboration with Stone Cooper. "The custom cuffs provide people a way to express a meaningful or inspiring sentiment either for themselves or as a gift. I love hearing the stories behind why people choose what they want customized, and how wearing the cuffs have empowered and motivated my customers," says Kat. This bracelets are great for gifting, but also amazing for treating yourself. Because after this term, we all need a little retail therapy.

You will definitely feel confident about your purchase after knowing and understanding the Stone Cooper brand. Kat's line of “handcrafted bohemian adornment for the old souls and the young at heart” is a local collection and collaboration with the D&M Shop we can get behind supporting.

Through understanding the brand’s inspirations and history, a brand story is created, which will be continued throughout the Stone Cooper section of the D&M Shop on December 5th from 2-5 in The URBN Center Lobby. Stop by to support your local Philly businesses!


By Carly Kandler & Liz Bauman