Here's our Creed 2 Review from a Philadelphia Local

If you are from Philadelphia, you know that the fictional character Rocky is apart of Philadelphia history. Rocky guards our art museum steps are reminding us of the day when he once ran up and down them. To feel like this modern day legend, we too have run up these great steps. Sylvester Salone plays Rocky, there is no other Rocky, and the line between the two is faint in my opinion( But, maybe that's because I don't know him). We made a statue of Sylvester Salone with his hands raised and called it  Rocky. But, I digress, we must move on. Enter Michael B Jordan.


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 Creed 2 picks up a couple of years after the end of Creed 1 Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan’s character has won fight after fight so much so that in the very beginning of the movie he is named the world champion. Things are going well, and so he decides to pop the question. Yup! He asks Bianca to marry him. Well, he had to ask her twice because she didn't have her hearing aids in during his first proposal attempt. (Bianca has progressive hearing loss)

With brief hesitation later followed up by the joy she accepts and the two have a celebratory romantic moment. 

Out of the blue, the son of the boxer that killed Adonis’ father challenges Adonis to a boxing match. As we no doubt knew that he would like Adonis decides that he has to take the fight. You know for his dad. But, Rocky remembering Apollo Creed dying in his arms decades earlier will not support Adonis’ decision. Rocky is scared (understandably). He doesn't want to watch “his boy” possibly get pummeled by this giant Russian dude. (We believe in you Adonis!). Adonis decides to head back to Cali to train there, and this is also an opportunity for Bianca’s musical career to skyrocket. (I was low critical sad when they left Philly)  

I’m not going to tell you how the fight goes because you should watch the movie!!!

But apart of the movie that was exciting was the dynamic between Adonis and Bianca. Both characters were genuinely multidimensional. Watching the characters go through pain together, to process both wins and loses and to respond to life’s surprises was exhilarating. They were a team, determined to succeed and more importantly to succeed together. 

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While this hands down is a boxing movie it is also about the bonds between people. You see that in the relationship between Rocky and Adonis, you see it in the way that Bianca and Adonis treat one another and there more examples!. Director Steven Caple Jr. made a point of hitting different aspects of life, which is what makes this movie great.  We can relate!! It feels authentic, and that is exciting!!

Watch this movie!!! My hope is that similarly to the Rocky movies; Creed will have sequel after sequel. I think we can all agree that both Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson have an energy that we can't help but watch!