Her Campus Drexel Presents #LoveYourself

All throughout the month of February Her Campus Drexel is presenting to you our #LoveYourself campaign. The #LoveYourself campaign will be focused on helping young girls and women feel comfortable in their own skin. This campaign may touch on the issues of self-esteem, feminism, eating disorders, mental disorders, or any other challenges that females are exposed to that may cause them to doubt themselves. By sharing our own stories and the stories of other women, we aim to inspire females everywhere to unapologetically be who they are.


Here’s what you can expect this month:

  • A Galentine’s Day-themed campus event promoting self-love and healthy lifestyle choices. More information on that to come!  
  • Articles for the month will discuss things like gender inequality, empowerment of women, inspirational stories about women overcoming obstacles, lists of women and girls who inspire us, makeup and outfit ideas for all skin tones, and so much more! 
  • Members of HC Drexel have submitted a Campus Cutie on themselves highlighting their favorite features, struggles they’ve faced, and plans for their futures. Check back everyday to see what staff member is being featured! 
  • Social media promotion across the board. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this month to see what we’re up to. Also, let us know what you, our readers, love about yourselves with the hashtag #LoveYourselfie. Post a selfie to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag and tag us @hercampusdrexel!


Also, don’t forget that we’re having an External Writer’s Competition. You can join in on the fun by submitting an original article for our #LoveYourself campaign for the chance to have it featured on our site! Click the link for details on how to enter. The deadline is February 5th!

We love our readers, now it’s time for you to #LoveYourself! HCXO!