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Jouska at Kung Fu Necktie

By: Charlotte Kenny-Yap

Check out Kung Fu Necktie for some cool music and a funky vibe

Kung Fu Necktie is the place to go for live music and chill underground bands. My last rock concert I attended was to a see band called Jouska perform at a bar called Kung Fu Necktie on Wednesday May 16th, 2018 and 8 pm. Jouska was the headliner at the end and three other rock bands played previously called Hard Pass, Haunt Club, and Brackish. These bands are more so up and coming underground rock bands so it was interesting to see the dynamic of the audience and how the bands carried themselves differently. Kung Fu Necktie had the concert in their upstairs section and the audience consisted of around 20-30 people. It was very dark with band merchandise on tables and dark wood floors. The stage was small and had a couch in the corner so the venue felt much more personal and intimate with the band right in front of the audience in a very close small space. There were rugs and string lights and other lights flashing, but the concert very much about the music and the bands performing. Hard Pass offered a moving alternative feeling rock performance that has people nodding along to the sounds of the guitar, drums, and vocals. The band calmed the audience and got everyone in the mood to listen to quality live bands. Haunt Club offered a more eerie feel to the rock music with some screaming and very loud sounds as the songs came to a climax. People seemed to not be dancing much and more so intently listening to the words sung. A band called Brackish came on which had a more alternative upbeat sound that I was dancing to and people seemed to really enjoy. Then the headliner Jouska came on and their songs had much more intricate sounds along with their rock sounds and the music and messages seemed to be much more serious. The lead singer read a poem in the middle of his performance mentioning how much he loved the words it said. I felt very involved in the music towards the end and was able to get a free cassette tape and stickers from the bands. All of the bands used drums, guitar, electric guitar and vocals. My favorite bands were Brackish and Josuka because they engaged the most with the audience. I thought the quality of performances were very good. I wished at times the audience engaged more with the bands because it was such a small intimate space, but overall the performance was very good. I even spoke to the lead singers of two bands and said how much I enjoyed the songs. I really enjoyed the intimate space though making the small area with the bands playing very special. I would highly recommend going here with friends for music, drinks and a good time!