Four Women Breaking Barriers In Philadelphia

Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but we can’t deny the presence and accomplishments of our sisters! Philly is a city filled with opportunities and new beginnings for its members, especially for women. If you are from Philadelphia, you know that there are a lot of startup companies that were created here. Check out the following four women who are not just creating kick-a** companies, but also breaking barriers in the city.


1. Yasmine Mustafa

Yasmine graduated from Temple University with an entrepreneurship degree. She founded 123LinkIt, a company that helps bloggers make money from their websites, and then served as the leader of Philadelphia’s chapter of Girl Develop It for four years. She is also on the Board of Members of Coded by Kids, and recently became the co-founder of ROAR for Good, a company that develops self-defense smart jewelry that diminishes attacks against women and addresses the underlying source of violence.

2. Morgan Berman

Morgan graduated from the College of William & Mary and then went to graduate school at Philadelphia University. In 2014, she co-founded MilkCrate, a Philly-based tech company that has built a digital hub that makes living sustainably easier. Morgan is also the CEO of the company. She was listed as one on the “Ten Women To Watch in Entrepreneurship Day” by the UN and her company was highlighted in Forbes “30 under 30”. Before creating MilkCrate, Morgan worked at Metcalfe Architecture & Design, a local firm in Philly, and before that she worked for Grid Magazine.

3. Bethany Edwards

Bethany did her undergrad degree at Temple University and went to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the CEO and co-founder of LIA Diagnostics, a company that has created an effective and eco-friendly pregnancy test that’s paper-based and flushable, which eliminates the embarrassment of purchasing a standard pregnancy test in drugstores.

4. Melissa Alam

Melissa graduated from Temple University and has founded several companies since then. She founded and became the editor-in-chief of Femme & Fortune, an online magazine for ambitious women. She also founded Melissa Alam - Strategic Brand Development, and The Hive, Philadelphia’s first co-working space for women to network, collaborate, and thrive. Since The Hive opened, they have hosted BuzzFeed, Philadelphia Magazine,, The Everygirl and more.

Do you have what it takes to be the next one on the list? Just follow your dreams, study hard, and keep moving forward! We believe you have the power to turn the City of Brotherly Love into the City of Sisterly Ambition.