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Five Netflix Documentaries to Watch This Winter

We have hit that time of year again! It’s getting cold out and that calls for nights in with Netflix, wine and snacks. It’s easy to go binge-watch our all-time favorites like Friends, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy or catch up on current favorites like Riverdale or Ozark. I hate to diss the Office (as it is a personal favorite) but binge-watching old time favorites can get old no matter how much we love them. Netflix documentaries are a great way to change things up a bit! A lot of the documentary series on Netflix are very interesting and not at all boring like the ones you watched in high school. They can be great for date night, a fun girls night in or even something to watch on your own. Since a lot of them are series too, you can make watching them a weekly routine. Here some of the popular documentaries that are currently on Netflix:

1. Life

Life is a documentary about life in the wild. Each episode focuses on a different group of animals or plants and how they survive in the dangerous and unpredictable wild. Don’t blow this documentary off! It is not your typical biology documentary. The footage is absolutely insane. David Attenborough is great as well. He gives great details on the animals and the things they do to attract mates and survive. The show is fascinating; you end up learning a lot and get to see some cool footage.

Image courtesy of China.org

2. Dogs

I mean who could resist this documentary? Dog lover or not, this documentary is bound to steal your heart. The first season of Dogs consists six episodes that tell stories about the bonds dogs form with their caregivers. This documentary is heartwarming, uplifting and plain old good. It is a great show to watch with friends. It may jerk some tears but is definitely a feel-good show.

Image Courtesy of ABC News

3. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Who doesn’t love Gaga? She reminds of our middle school dance days and entertains us still with her new movie and album. This documentary follows her prep for the Superbowl, the release of a new album and how she faces her emotional struggles. She is extremely open about her life struggles and it’s refreshing. This Netflix original allows you to get to know the pop star we have loved for so long and fall even more in love with her as she opens up about things we all struggle with. Not to mention, you get a second look at all her famous and ridiculous outfits.

Image courtesy of Netflix 

4. Killer Women with Piers Morgan

If you liked Making a Murderer or any crime show, you are going to love this. In this documentary, well-known journalist Piers Morgan visits prisons and speaks with women that have been convicted of heinous crimes. This documentary grabs your attention, is suspenseful and shocking. It is no doubt going to have you at the edge of your couch!

Image courtesy of Digital Spy

5. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat is a documentary series that follows chef and food writer Samin Nosrat around the world as she explores the four basic components of cooking. The four basic components, salt, fat, acid and heat (obviously!). Nosrat is energetic, funny and relatable, making the show that much more enjoyable to watch. Watch the show to learn about food or get inspired to visit new places!


Image courtesy of Variety

All of these are great choices for a group hangout or to watch by yourself. They are also perfect for a “Netflix and chill” date if you are not sure what to talk about with your partner. They are a great change and pace and can spice up the usual night in with Netflix. 

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