Five Best Daily Planners for 2019

Once again, a new year is upon us. If you're anything like me, one of your resolutions each year is to be more organized with your time. I struggled with that resolution each year until I started using a daily planner. Planners are simple tools, yet so underrated. They help me keep track of anything and everything. I've used a few different brands and know other girls who have also switched theirs up each year. Below are the five best daily planners to help you start the new year off right! 

5. Lilly Pulitzer 2018-2019 17-month planner 

Image Courtesy of: Lilly Pulitzer

This one spans a total of 17 months, from August 2018 to December 2019. It's available in large or medium sizes with over three different designs and color options to choose from. Each option on their website has good reviews. I know three girls who swear by this brand for their agendas/planners. Plus, it comes with stickers! 

4. Erin Condren's Lifeplanner 

The Lifeplanner is totally customizable. The website lets you design the planner's cover, layout, and theme. It also gives the options of monthly and daily pages for you to jot down your to-do lists, as well as giving you blank pages for extra tidbits. While this one is pricey ($55), it will be with you year-round. 

3. Daily Planner Journal from Urban Outfitters 

ImageCourtesy of: Urban Outfitters

This planner can be purchased in olive green or pink. It doesn't have traditional layout a planner would be expected to have. Instead of printed dates, you get blank pages to enter in the info yourself. It may sound odd, but one review on the website pointed out this option is so you don't waste paper on days you have nothing scheduled. A total of 380 pages includes space for doodles and notes. 

2. 2019 Luxe Page-A-Day Marble Planner from PaperSource 

This planner's blue and marble design with gold accent is simple and clean. There's space to journal, plan, and draw your way through the entire year. Though the reviews aren't in yet, you PaperSource prides itself on high-quality paper goods. 

1. The Noteworthy 6-in-1 Planner from Blue Sky 

Image Courtesy of: Blue Sky

This planner has just about everything you;ll need for the upcoming year. Laminated monthly tabs, spaces for setting weekly goals, spaces to track your goals, an address book, notebook, and pocket are all included. You can choose from three different design spreads, each that comes with a matte laminated cover for durability. I'm willing to bet this planner will become one of those items you never leave home without! 

There are hundreds of daily planner and agenda book brands to choose from. These are just the five I know for a fact are very effective at helping a girl stay on top of her sh*t. Hopefully they'll help you too!