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Every Halloween Costume the Kardashians Wore in 2018

What’s my favorite part of Halloween? Stalking everyone’s costume photos on Instagram the next morning while I have leftover facepaint from the night before smeared on my pillow. Luckily for me, the Kardashian’s had no shortage of costumes this year and did not disappoint. However, I do think it is a little weird that they probably paid collectively over a million dollars to put on a costume and walk around their house to pose for pictures. They probably stayed in and watched Halloween town in their wings. 

I collected every costume the Kardashian’s (sans Kris & the kiddos, because that is just too much) for your enjoyment.


Victoria’s Secret Angels

Kim’s dream come true and some good practice for Kendall.


Butterflies with Stormy 

The cutest mom & daughter costume in the world.


Kim as Pamela Anderson

The iconic brown lip line says it all.


Kourtney Grande 

Kourt played with her girly side complete with the blond pony and thigh highs.


Mom & True as Tigers

Okay honestly, Khloe wins for the most appropriate costume this year. 


Kendall as a Femmebot

I’m not sure if all of the Austin Powers costumes are a low-key promotion for a reboot or not. Either way I’m not complaining.


Kourtney as a Japanese Twin from Austin Powers 

Back at it again with the Austin Powers costumes.


Kylie’s bones 

A chill costume for lounging in your slippers next to your skeleton friends. Same.



Khloe went full PG mode this holiday, I support it. 


Lifesize, 2018

Imagine going to a costume party and carrying this around.


Basic Witch

Apparently, this isn’t a costume.




I love a punny costume, Kylie killed it.


There you have it. Halloween has passed and we’ve covered all of the Kardashian’s costumes. Now I can go to CVS and get the discounted candy.


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