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Drexel’s Ultimate Dos and Don’ts of Formal Recruitment


When fall comes around and you’re sipping your pumpkin spice latte, almost every girl going to college is asking herself this question: to go Greek or not to go Greek. But before becoming a part of Greek life and being a sorority sister, you have to go through the roller-coaster ride of emotions that come with recruitment. Luckily, we have gathered some tips for you on how to survive one of the most exciting weeks of your college experience. Below you will find our Dos and Don’ts for Drexel’s Formal Recruitment.

DO: Research the houses beforehand.Before recruitment week, it is a good idea to go to the Drexel Panhellenic website and read about each of the sororities. You can learn a lot about their mission, their philanthropy events, and the dues before you even step foot in the house.

DON’T: Close your mind to one specific sorority.Even if you researched every single one of them and you fell in love with a specific one, try to keep an open mind when visiting the other houses. You might be surprised by the end of the night how your opinion has changed.

DO: Get enough sleep and eat healthy during that week.Recruitment consists of long nights visiting each house. You will be extremely exhausted at the end of the night and especially at the end of the week. Get enough sleep and eat healthy food so you can be on top of your game.

DON’T: Talk about partying, boys, and booze.Yes, sorority girls like to party and have fun, who doesn’t? Nevertheless, talking about these three things during rush week a big no-no. Instead, try to talk about a class you are taking, your favorite dinning place on campus, or even Taylor Swift. Try to talk about the sorority itself and ask questions about the events, philanthropy, and mission of the house.

DO: Eat at the house.The sisters spend money and time preparing food for you, so go ahead and eat the treats on the table. Don’t feel forced if there is something you don’t like or are allergic to, but if something catches your eye or makes your mouth water, be sure to grab a snack while visiting a house. That’s what it’s there for!

DON’T: Talk poorly about another house.It is normal for a sister to ask you about your experiences at other houses, especially if you visited another house that same night. Whatever you do, do not bash or talk badly about another sorority. Greek life is a very close-knit community, and it is common for sisters to have friends, and even family, in other houses.

DO: Talk to your Rho Gammas:Rho Gammas are there to guide you through the week. If you don’t know if an outfit is appropriate or how to choose your top three before preference night, talk to one of your Rho Gammas and they will be happy to help you make a good decision.

DON’T: Talk to your friends about it.Of course you’ll want to tell your roomie all about the amazing house you went to, but she might have an opposing opinion that could sway you into the wrong house. So even if you do decide to talk to your friends about your decision, don’t let them change your mind.

DO: Finish your homework and assignments as early as you can.Your syllabus is a crucial and helpful resource. Check it and make sure you don’t have any major tests or assignments due during rush week. If you happen to have an exam or a project to turn in, make sure that you’ve started your flashcards and read the chapter assigned for that week beforehand.

DON’T: Skip classes or assignments because it is rush week.Your professor might understand if you get sick or if it is a religious holiday and you are incapable of meeting a deadline. But, they may not be as understanding if you ask for an extension on your English paper because you were at preference night.

Follow these tips and you will see how easy it is to not only survive recruitment week, but also make the best out of it and find your sisters for life. If you go with the flow and steer clear of unnecessary stress, you will see that rush week can be one of the best weeks of your life. Good luck, collegiettes!

For more information about Drexel Panhellenic and Formal Recruitment:

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