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The Drexel Senior’s Bucket List

With less than 100 days (OMG!) until the class of 2017 graduates, it’s time to reflect on our past experiences, cherish the friendships we’ve developed and be proud of the people we’ve become during our time at Drexel University. Since many of you (hopefully) planned your schedules out so you can have a light course load for your last quarter, you’re now faced with a plethora of free time that hasn’t been experienced since the summer after freshman year – if you were lucky. I’ve created a Drexel Senior Bucket List to fill your time as you wait for our walk around the bases at Citizen’s Bank Park. If you’re up for the challenge, complete all of them! If you’re not, well, just do a few to solidify your senior year at Drexel – it’s been a long, construction-filled ride.


1. Visit the good ol’Handschumacher Dining Center

Image of Hans dining center courtesy of Lindsey

Whether you got food poisoning, only went on General Tso’s day, or loved having a buffet for every meal, the Hans was a staple of our freshman year. You could easily make a friend by striking up a conversation about how bad it was, or it was the place where you learned that it is OKAY to eat by yourself. Snag an RA friend or a freshman from you 100 level class to swipe you into the Hans and see what’s changed (or what hasn’t) in the past four/five years. While it won’t be the same food we had freshman year (lol bye Sodexo), it’ll still have the same feel: sticky food trays and cracking booth cushions.


2. Skip a class – on purpose

I don’t know if anyone has ever realized this but college is the only place where you can skip a class and nothing bad will happen. Your parents won’t get an automated voicemail, you can’t get suspended, you can’t get fired, literally nothing bad can happen. Once we enter the working world, we’ll have to show up unless we’re sick, or “sick” or on vacation. This is the last opportunity to not be where you’re supposed to be at a certain time – on purpose – is an important part of college life and MUST be done. If you only pick one thing on this list, make it this one.

Personal note:

It may shock you to know that I had never skipped a class, on purpose, until this term – like a week ago. And I can confirm: It is worth it.


3. Wander around Main Building for an hour

Image of Main Building courtesy of  Wikimedia

Did you know that there are dance studios in the attic of Main Building? Or that there are so many study lounges scattered between the three connected buildings? As the most iconic building on campus, Main Building holds many secret attractions that make it one of the most valuable buildings at Drexel. Along with being a great study space, it’s also filled with history and character that can shed some background on this 125-year-old university. I suggest giving yourself an hour to just wander around the building, letting the maze of hallways take you whichever way your feet take you. Since it’s open 24 hours, you can even go at night for a quieter, albeit spookier, experience.


4. Send a Thank You Note/Email to your favorite professor

Professors are the driving force behind our success here, give or take a few all-nighters on our part, and the great ones can have a lasting impact on our lives. Take the time to reach out the professor(s) who had the greatest impact on your college career, whether it be making you want to change your major, offering a new perspective on a topic or just giving you the confidence to keep going.  This will mean so much more to them than an agreeable review at the end of the quarter.


5. Try a new Food Truck Every day for a week

Image of Schmear It Dragon Bagel courtesy of Lindsey

With food at the center of any student’s day, choosing what to do for lunch can be an important one. Because of our hefty tuition, we’re very careful with whatever money we have left and don’t want to spend it on something that won’t bring us immense joy – like a trusty “visit-here-three-times-a-week” food truck. However, as we’re about to enter the “real” world, you should start taking chances, and that begins with branching out of your food truck rut. 30th Street Station has a great lineup for March (Dos Hermanos, Schmear It, and Pitruco!) that offers more than the usual fleet of food on campus. Venture out, follow the crowds, and try something new – your taste buds and stomach will thank you!


6. Visit PWS or Ed’s late at night to reminisce on past post-party pizza binges

We may have upgraded from Greenlight and other parties on Powelton to drinking $10 bottles of wine in our dorm or scouring out the best happy hours but there’s something to be said about chowing down on a giant slice of pizza at 2 am. Grab your friends from freshman year and head over to your favorite late night pizza shop to watch the scantily clad newcomers stumble in giggling while waiting for their pepperoni slice.


7. Find a roof to watch the sunrise one morning

Image of Sunrise courtesy of Lindsey

Given our western location to center city, the glass sky scrapers on the horizon turn a beautiful pink and orange early in the morning that would make any Instagram follower jealous. But you can’t just look out from a screened window – you need to be on a roof or balcony to really appreciate it. If you can’t find one, watching from the Art Museum steps is said to be a great spot as well. I know its early, and if the photo isn’t rewarding enough, you can treat yourself to a donut at Bieler’s afterward.


Seniors, it’s been a great ride. Hopefully some of these activities will give you feelings of nostalgia and appreciation as we near our end here at Drexel.

Lindsey is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in operations management & bus. analytics. She has been with Her Campus Drexel for four years and was CC for the middle two. Along with living the city life, she takes an active interest in street style, putting together puzzles and binge-watching her current Netflix obsession. She actually calls Montana her true home so now you can say you know that someone actually lives there ;). When she's in Philly, you can find her in Center City scouring the racks of thrift stores, Old Navy, and H&M if she's not on campus enjoying the multiple food trucks or catching up on the readings she put off until the last day.
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