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Drexel’s 10-Week Quarter System Explained by Gilmore Girls

We all know our Spring Breaks are filled with Netflix marathons so why not add Gilmore Girls to your watch list? It turns out they know exactly how it feels to survive a 10-week quarter system. 

Week 1: Syllabus week! (Or the closest thing to it)Since Drexel moves so quickly, it would be a little ridiculous to say that we have a syllabus week, but Week 1 is the closest thing to it. You’ll spend the first five minutes going over the syllabus and have a quiz on Friday.


Week 2: Getting in the grooveThings still aren’t bad. You’re finally getting into that routine. Midterms? Psh. They’re still at least a week away. Enjoy week 2 and hang out with your friends while you still can.


Week 3: Midterms?!Week 3 is when many start to feel the effects of the 10-week quarter system. This is when you realize that you really should start paying attention in class.


Week 4: The SlumpOh God. It’s week 4. If you haven’t had any midterms yet, you’re going to have them this week. You can feel your GPA slipping away, and it’s not even halfway through the quarter. You’re wondering how time can fly that fast. However, the real question you’re most concerned with answering: Is your GPA lower than gas prices?


Week 5: I still have time to get my act together!Phew. You’re halfway through. You feel a weird sense of optimism, maybe because you believe in yourself and think you can turn things around, or you’re just trying to fool yourself.


Week 6: Another week of midterms?!Well, guess what? That short spark of optimism you had has now gone out the window. You’re stuck in another week or two of midterms, and the thought of finals has hit you. Where has the quarter gone?


Week 7: Tons of work, and oh wait! Let me figure out my classes for next quarter when I can’t even focus on this quarter.The arguably second-worst week of the quarter (behind finals week) has arrived: Registration week. You have to wake up at the brink of dawn and register for classes with your crappy time ticket (but are any time tickets not crappy?!) You think you’re all set for classes until you press Enter and are hit with a barrage of red-colored messages telling you that there are errors registering. Prepare for spending at least an hour creating a whole new schedule and taking classes at the opposite times that you wanted to. Oh, and good luck finishing that paper that’s due this week too.


Week 8: The end is nearTwo weeks and finals will be upon you. You can do this. Two weeks and you’ll be free from all the pressure for a week. This week screams “group-projects” and ‘I-have-to-stay-up-‘til-God-knows-when-to-get-this-assignment-done.’ Dream of somewhere far, far away that’s nice and warm.


Week 9: One more week of this hell we live in Oh yeah Professor, introduce at least three more chapters before the final, and drop the bomb that the final is cumulative. Cool.


Week 10: This is itYou’ve pulled all-nighters or something close to them. You’re living off of coffee and junk food. You can never have enough coffee. Maybe you’ll kill those finals; maybe you won’t. Tomorrow is another day.


Happy Spring Break Dragons!

Beth is a pre-junior at Drexel University, majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management.  You can find her at coffee shops in Old City, running around the Fairmount neighborhood, or tucked away playing the piano in MacAlister's practice rooms.
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