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A Drexel Dictionary

Drexel prides itself on standing out so much that its motto is “Drexel is different”. Three known reasons our university is different is because we run on the quarter system instead of semesters and never seem to get out of school, our tuition is notoriously expensive, and we offer the option for our students to go on co-op. Another things that makes us different is our slang. We have coined many terms that only Drexel students will understand. Here’s a Drexel dictionary for any foreigner that will help you understand our world. 




Pizza Wings Steaks, commonly known as PDubbz, is located at 3235 Powelton Ave. and is the prime spot to get the some of the best pizza on campus. It’s also the place to go after a long night of partying to satisfy your cravings. With creations such as the Big Daddy fries and the Loaded Potato pizza, you’re bound to stop here for some amazing food.

“Yo, wanna go get a slice of Big Daddy from PDubbz?”


Midterm Month

While most colleges have midterm week, Drexel has the nerve to give its students “midterm month”. Exams start as early as week three and run as late as week nine. Having multiple tests to study for all the freaking time gets really old and it’s important to manage your time. Mental breakdowns are common and happen regularly. It’s a Drexel thing.

Friend at a different college: “Sorry, I can’t talk this week. I have midterms!”

Drexel student: “Sorry, I can’t talk for six weeks. I have midterms!” 


The Shaft

The Drexel shaft was actually a large smokestack structure that could be seen from North Hall that was demolished in 2009. However, the term also refers to being mistreated by the university. Are you even a Drexel student if you haven’t been shafted by the school in every way?

“I woke up at 7 a.m. just to register for classes and DrexelOne crashed thanks to the Drexel shaft!”


The Hags

The Hagerty library can be considered a Drexel student’s second home. The four-floor establishment houses multiple tables, bookshelves and comfy study spots for students to use. Since it gets crowded easily, make sure you arrive early to secure a place for yourself! You’ll need a good, quiet place to work – as well as nap.

“Wanna study at The Hags? I need to get 12 hours of work done today.”



The real name of this building is the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, but it’s often called PISB (pronounced piz-bee). You’ll know it when you see it – the giant biowall, spiral staircase and modern architecture gives it away. This building houses many research labs and classrooms for science students. The white interior and natural light helps brighten the moods of students who are less than happy to be sitting in class at 9 a.m.

“Papadock.. Papaduck.. Papawhat?”

“Just call it PISB.”


URBN/Urban Outfitters/Urban Eatery

We get it, we live in a city that’s urban. But, why is everything named “urban”?! When you mention that word to a Drexel student, you have to clarify. Do you mean the building where the art and media students spend 25 hours of their day (URBN), the popular but overpriced store on Penn’s campus (Urban Outfitters) or the dining hall with subpar food attached to the Summit (Urban Eatery)?

“Which Urban are you referring to?”



The Daskalakis Athletic Center (known as the DAC) is a popular spot for gym rats and those who are addicted to Drexel’s free fitness classes. It’s coincidentally next to Landmark Americana, a delicious restaurant. Complete with a variety of gym equipment, you can get fit here and take advantage of one of the top gyms in Philadelphia.

“I need to drag myself to the DAC and actually work out.”


Green Light

Green Light is a popular spot for freshmen to party on campus. The name stems from a light that is stationed right outside the house. It is located across the street from PDubbz, Jimmy John’s and California Pizza. It’s $5 for guys to enter and free for girls, similar to most house parties. Word on the street is that it gets crowded and the cops often shut things down, but is actually pretty fun with decent music.

“I heard Green Light is having a party at 10 p.m. tonight!”



Cavanaugh’s Restaurant and Sports Bar (Cav’s) is located on Penn’s campus, but it is worth the walk. It is arguably the most popular bar amongst Drexel and Penn students alike.



Every Drexel student secretly wishes they attended the University of Pennsylvania because of their beautiful campus. They have mouthwatering restaurants, nice stores, gorgeous architecture and fun activities. It’s not even a school, it’s more of a neighborhood. Simply put, everything is better at Penn. The best way to have access to these resources is to make friends with Penn students. Go Quakers!

“Why does Penn get everything and Drexel doesn’t?”



This term refers to Drexel’s Cooperative Education Program, or co-op for short. A co-op is a six-month period of time when students obtain full-time (or in some cases, part-time) employment with a company in their field. Co-op is worked into our education and tuition, which means we receive credit hours for this work. Students have the option of choosing a five-year, three co-op program; four-year, one co-op program; or four-year, no co-op program. We leave the university with relevant experience on our résumés, which gives us a one-up over our competition.

“I’ll be on co-op in the fall and winter quarters.”


Even though we hate our very distinctive quirks sometimes, it’s good to embrace how much Drexel stands out from the rest. While most people chose the typical college experience, us Dragons went for a truly unique one. Drexel students are resilient, brave and will surely conquer the world! Did we miss any Drexel-specific lingo? Let us know in the comments!

Rachel is a senior at Drexel University majoring in Design & Merchandising. She dreams of traveling the world and loves to learn about new cultures and languages. She also aspires to be the editor-in-chief of her own fashion magazine one day. You can find her binge watching Vanderpump Rules, eating way too much mac & cheese, dancing to her favorite songs and exploring when she goes city-hopping!
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