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A Dragon’s Guide to Scheduling Classes

Even though classes are just picking up, it’s already time to start thinking about next term. Whether you’re taking your first crack at Drexel’s crazy system or you’re a seasoned pro, scheduling classes can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Scheduling at Drexel is an art and a science. So, we have come up with a few tips for you to create the best schedule possible next term.

Daunting DegreeWorksYes, we would all love to take dance classes as an elective, but the best place to start with scheduling is with your requirements. If you haven’t already, check out DegreeWorks to see where you stand. Believe it or not, every graduation requirement for your major(s) and minor(s) is listed. If DegreeWorks seems totally overwhelming because you’re not ready to think about every term for the next few years, check out your major’s Sample Plan of Study. This will give you a breakdown of classes that you should be taking term by term; it really is the best road map to scheduling.

Tricky Term Master ScheduleNow that you know what you have to take, you have to find the courses on the Term Master Schedule (good luck). Sometimes, there is only one section of a course for winter term, but 10 sections of the same course for spring term. This is why scheduling needs to be strategic. On the Term Master Schedule, you can see how many spots are left in a class, the times the class is offered, and other terms the class may be taught. Check and see if your class if available in the spring rather than winter and plan accordingly. Also check back the night before your time ticket and see how many spots are still open for the next morning.

Countless ConsiderationsWith winter term comes inclement weather. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather now, because you won’t enjoy the trek around campus when there’s six inches of snow on the ground! Whether you’re walking from the dorms or an off campus apartment, weather should be a major factor when scheduling. For winter term you may want to consider block scheduling your classes over the course of a few days so you can stay on campus and jump between buildings instead of walking home during a break. Other things to take into consideration are extracurriculars you may want to take. Since you’re locked into this class schedule for ten weeks, you might as well make the most of it. Are there any workout classes you like to attend at the Rec Center? Check out the winter term calendar for group exercise classes to see if you can make time in your busy schedule!

Dreams versus RealityFinally, you’ve built your dream schedule with all the best classes, times, and professors. But, be mindful of the fact that it may not work out exactly like you’ve planned. Check to make sure seats haven’t filled up the night before your time ticket. Having a second schedule or alternative classes you may want to take as a backup will make the morning go a lot smoother.

Planning your schedule can be exciting and nerve-wracking! Navigate through Degreeworks, the Term Master Schedule, take all activities into consideration, and come prepared with backups so that the scheduling process is as easy as possible for this winter. Best of luck, Dragons, and may the scheduling odds be ever in your favor!

Dyana is a pre-junior at Drexel University with a double major in marketing and finance.  She is often stuck on campus studying for her majors, but in her free time she loves to explore what the city has to offer.  Dyana also loves to exercise and stay active all year round; she is always trying new workouts and researching the best way to stay active.  As a closet writer, she is excited to publish her work for Her Campus Drexel! 
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