Different Protective Hairstyles

To have Afro hair texture is indeed a privilege but also requires effort to keep your captivating curls damage -free. Although it’s tempting to have your hair out in a glorious ‘fro every day, trust me, it’s not worth the damage. Switch it up with these protective styles to keep your hair healthy and your curl pattern intact!

  1. 1. Box Braids  

    Your favorite versatile hairdo! Jump from different styles, lengths, and colors to have your hair protected while it grows. Not only are box braids absolutely gorgeous, but you can also style them uniquely every day for a fresh new look. 

  2. 2. Crotchet Faux Locks

    Crotchet is the newly popular alternative to other protective styles. The ring hoop method protects your hair underneath and is also half the hassle of braiding extensions in with your hair. Like box braids, you can play around with length and colors and switch up your look by styling it differently.


  3. 3. Headwraps

    Headwraps are the perfect option when you don’t know how to style your ‘fro or if you want to accessorize your updo or braids.  Your headwrap can protect your hair from the damaging cold air in the winter and keeps you warm! You can find headwraps on sites like D'IYANU  When shopping for African print headwraps, make sure to learn the name of the prints, the country it belongs to, and the traditional significance. The pop of color is sure to make heads turn!

  4. 4. Bantu Knots

    This hairstyle is fierce and has a rich historical background. Bantu is a blanket term and includes over 500 ethnic groups of Southern Africa under it. One of these groups being the Zulu Tribe is where the knot is believed to have originated.  Bantu knots are the perfect style when you want to stand out, show off the versatility of your hair and keep your hair moisturized!


Now go on and show off that Black Girl Magic!