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“Diamonds” Is Every Single’s Best Friend

September 17th of 2020, Sam Smith released a new single with a promise of a third album to come out soon, and it is a vibe to catch. Sam Smith is an artist we love for his slow, mellow, sad songs, that have the beat, tone, and atmosphere for when it comes to emotional songs. After his last few releases which included “I’m Ready” featuring Demi Lovato, “How Do You Sleep”, “To Die For”, and a few more, there was a noticeable tone change in the music. It started moving away from the classical slow sad songs about break-ups or unfortunate relationships, and into more upbeat songs, promoting independence, and reflecting on back to being in the right headspace where you prioritize yourself. 

greyscale photography of condenser microphone
Photo by Tommy Lopez from Pexels

If quarantine was the time for anything, it would be self-discovery and the self-care everyone was holding themselves back from. Looking at the lyrics, Sam goes on to describe a post-breakup situation, where there is hurt from the damage, but there is also the relief of being alone and unbothered. In simpler terms: you can feel more powerful being alone than being with someone who isn’t right for you. Even taking a glance at the music video, it goes to show there is nothing in the room and hallway. Through the video, warm-toned lights come in through the casted dark flashes, and he acts just like the lyrics describe him – feeling great of being free. Observing the lyrics in comparison to the music video and the synchronous beats of the song gives you a reason to stand up and take control. You can see a free-spirited Sam, who is moving on from the past. After watching the video and listening to the song, it’s almost like a subconscious goal was created – wanting to achieve that free-spirited and unbothered personality. 

B&W picture of a drummer
Photo by Adi Goldstein from Unsplash

In regards to the anticipated third album (which will already hold the songs “Diamonds”, “Dancing with a Stranger”, “To Die For”, “I Feel Love”, and so many more) is expected to come out on October 30th. The original air date for his third album was set to be in May, however with the pandemic amongst the world, he had to push it a few months, but this might be one of the next best things to come out of this wild ride of a year. As time goes on, and October 30th comes around, hopefully, Sam will continue to surprise us with the new musical style which he has been working on for about two years, showing how much, he has grown. 

Link to the Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RvAKRoIDqU


Melanie is a Drexel University student majoring in Chemistry. Melanie's hometown is Westfield, New Jersey, but she is currently living in Philadelphia where she goes to work in Delaware, while attending online classes from her apartment. She has two dogs and a cat, who she loves greatly. With any free time she has, she enjoys reading different fiction and dystopian books, thrifting her paycheck away, watching highly recommended or super-cheesy Netflix shows/movies, and enjoying time with family/friends doing various activities.
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