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Cute and Affordable Halloween Costumes

Looking to dress cute this Halloween on a budget? Lucky for you, I have some ideas in mind! These outfits range from celebrity-inspired to unique, from nostalgic to trendy, and will have you rocking any Halloween party you step foot in! By affordable, I mean that every link I have attached is listed at $25 or less on the provided website, at the time I am writing this article! Here are twelve great costume ideas for Halloween 2021.

1.School Girl

This outfit is one that you can put together straight from your closet, as long as you’re a fan of fall’s favorite print; plaid. Grab your favorite plaid print shirt or skirt and throw a matching solid color top or solid color pants and rock the classic school girl outfit! You can look great in a Clueless inspired outfit or resemble Olivia Rodrigo’s Good 4 U music video outfit! If you don’t have it in your closet, here are some links for an affordable plaid skirt and cute black top. All together, this look comes to a total of $15.

2. Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Grab your grandma’s mittens, an oversized green jacket or green blazer, and a disposable blue mask … and you’re Bernie from Joe Biden’s inauguration. This outfit is super easy to throw together and for sure a classic inaugural fit. If you’re looking for a green jacket or mittens, I’ve got you covered with some great options! All together, this look comes to a total of $21.

3. PowerPuff Girl

Grab a shirt in either blue, pink, or green and matching blue, pink, or green bottoms! If you don’t have a top in blue, pink, or green, but you have bottoms in them or vice versa, sub the missing color for a black tee or black pants! Place a blue, pink, or green scrunchie, headband, bow, or headpiece in your hair for extra effect! If you don’t have any of these in your closet, here are some links for affordable blue, pink, and green two-piece sets. 

4. Fairy

The costume everyone on TikTok is talking about! Step one: grab a cute dress, a crop top and cute pants, or a matching two-piece set. Step two: purchase fairy wings

5. Cupid

Grab a red tee and a white skirt or pants, and accessorize the outfit with a heart-headband (diy with a headband and attach red hearts made of cardstock or buy one) and red jewelry!

6. Mummy

Grab a white shirt and pair of white pants and throw some bleach on them! The bleach will stain the shirt a brown color, perfect to show some “age” for your mummy costume. If you don’t have a matching white shirt and pants set, no worries, this linked fit from Nasty Gal is super cute.

7. Hippie/70’s Girl

Grab your favorite pair of patterned pants and a solid-color tee and you’re set. If you don’t have any patterned pants or a solid-color tee to pair with it, I’ve got you covered. If you purchase just the pants and the tee, your look comes to a whopping total of $19! Accessorize with tinted heart glasses available for an inexpensive rate through Amazon or floral earrings, also available on Amazon.

8. Scooby Doo Characters


Step One: Grab an orange shirt or sweater and a pair of red pants or a red skirt. Step Two: Throw on a pair of glasses and you’re Velma! If you don’t have an orange top or red bottoms, I’ve got you. All together, this orange sweater and red skirt comes to a total of $21.99. And if you aren’t vision impaired like myself, here’s a link for some super cute fake glasses. If you add glasses to this look, your total comes to $29.98.


Grab a white sweater and blue-washed jeans and a pop of orange, and you’re Fred. If you don’t have a white sweater or white top, here’s some links for some super cute options. And if you need the perfect pop of orange, this orange scarf is perfect. The total of the white sweater and orange scarf is $23.89.


Grab a green sweater or top and some cute cargo pants, a brown skirt, or brown pants and you’re Shaggy. If you have a dog, you can dress them up to be the Scooby to your Shaggy and you both will be winning Halloween this year. If you don’t have a green top or brown pants, here are some links. All together, this look comes to $24.96. This costume is super practical and these pieces can definitely be used in your everyday look


Grab yourself a brown top and brown pants or a brown skirt, and you’re Scooby. This is another outfit you can totally make from your closet, if that is accessible for you. For an added bonus, make yourself some super cute dog ears with brown felt and a plain black headband. If you use the attached links, your outfit comes to a total of $30.


Grab yourself a super cute purple dress and a green scarf, and you’re Daphne This look is super affordable and comes to a total of $14.38! The linked dress above is also perfect for a night out.

Thank you so much for reading my article! I hope that some of these ideas will help you throw together a last-minute Halloween costume or that you can share these ideas with friends who are also looking for ideas. These ideas are always something you can keep in mind for next year, as well :). No matter what you dress up as I hope you have a Happy Halloween or a well-spent weekend for those who don’t celebrate!

Makayla (she/her) is a sophomore political science student at Drexel University. Her comfort movies are 10 Things I Hate About You, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Notebook. She is a Harry Styles enthusiast and loves to read :).
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