Courtney Denton, Style Editor

Do you know the most stylish person on campus? Meet Courtney Denton, the Style Editor of The Triangle and the Editor-in-Chief of D&M Magazine. A design and merchandising major from Langhorne, PA, Denton inflects each project she works on with her passion for the fashion industry.

Denton began working with The Triangle as a staff photographer and later moved up to assistant editor of the fledgling Style section. Now as the lead editor of the section, Denton oversees all of its content. She designs the layout and acts as photographer and photo editor for the section alongside her assistant editor Jenn Lam, “who rescues me from mental breakdowns on a regular basis,” Denton said.

Her goal in overseeing the Style section is to elevate the Drexel community’s perception of fashion and style writing. “I think the fashion industry in particular is subject to quite a bit of prejudice, but I want to make sure our readers know that content related to this industry can be just as academic, relevant and timely as more standard news stories,” Denton said.

All Drexel students feel the dominance of the engineering life around campus. The Style section allows for students doing wonderful things in other areas to let their voices be heard. “I love knowing that I'm offering an entire community of Drexel students a platform to express their ideas,” Denton said.

The most difficult part for Denton about running Style at The Triangle is bolstering the newborn section. Though founded just last year, since Denton took the reins she has arranged for the section to be sponsored to allow the newspaper to print it in full color and has garnered support from her academic department. She is always looking for new writers, however, and is actively recruiting. (Those interested can contact her at [email protected]).

During her time at Drexel, Denton has learned that running the Style section takes quite a bit of time. “Producing the section and everything that comes with it, in addition to managing my other responsibilities, has forced me to develop world-class time management skills,” Denton said.

Those other responsibilities include her work with D&M Magazine and working as a public relations intern in New York City for an international luxury brand. “In my free time I blog, take photos, go to shows, shop at thrift stores for DIY projects and work at one my favorite clothing stores in Center City. So maybe I don't actually have free time!” Denton jokes.

When she graduates in June, Denton would like to enter the fashion industry but is open-minded about where. “I could go into buying, public relations or even social media marketing, but ultimately I would like to be part of a fashion publication,” Denton said; “In high school I used to dream of working for Vogue, but somewhere along the line I lost my way. Working on the Style section has reminded me of how fulfilling it is to just create something.”

If she continues to put her hard work and sense of style into everything she does, there is no doubt Denton will end up with her dream gig.