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Conscious Collegiette: Your Move-Out Guide

The end of the year is here and it’s time to move out of those dorms (finally) or maybe move into a new house! As you begin packing, you’ll find a bunch of random things that you’ll get the urge to throw away but STOP! After reading Conscious Collegiette for almost 9 weeks now, you should have the “green lens,” if you will, helping you make your life more conscious.

But what does moving-out have to do with being conscious? Well what do you do with random things like used batteries, graded English reports, empty shampoo bottles, and even some furniture? Most throw them out, leaving them on their sidewalk for the garbage people to take them away. But where is this “away”? Well, there’s no such thing as away. Keep reading on to learn about a few resources to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle during your move out!

Almost everyone knows about Craigslist.org. Posting old furniture and trinkets is a common trend on Craigslist. It’s an easy way to get rid of things (put up a post for free stuff) or make a quick buck!

eBay is the same idea as Craigslist but here, people will bid on your things! eBay is great for old electronics equipment, chargers, or phone cases you don’t use anymore.

Yerdle is my new favorite website all about collaborative consumption. You make an account and swap or buy things with people in your area and in your friend circle. It’s safe and you can literally trade or buy pretty much anything you can think of. Someone posted a kitten a few months ago looking for a new home, there’s no reason someone wouldn’t want your twin XL mattress pad too!

Earth911.com has an awesome app called iRecycle. You type in what you want to recycle (old CD cases? Sure! Nail polish? Absolutely!) and it will find locations near you. I’ve used it for light bulbs, plastic bags, and batteries but you can pretty much recycle anything (I spent at least an hour exploring the app when I first downloaded it. #noshame) This app should be your BFF during move-out. Trust me.

Some other ideas to do with friends:

●     Host a clothing swap with your friends to swap things in your closet you don’t wear anymore for something in one of your friends’ closets

●     Put on a dorm or apartment garage sale with your roomies to make some extra cash for the summer

Have fun during your move out (because it sucks enough already) and try to throw away as little as possible. Don’t be a hoarder- there are tons of resources out there that will recycle things for you and sometimes even pick them up. The planet will thank you and if you can sell some stuff, your wallet will thank you!

Other Resources:

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Business Administration student at Drexel University minoring in sustainable built environments. President of the Drexel Sierra Club, VP of Academic Affairs of the Drexel Smart House, and council member of the Drexel Green Sustainability Council.
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