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Campus Cutie: Thomas Bertolino

Name: Thomas Bertolino

Birthday: December 18

Age: 21

Year: Pre-Junior   

Major: Information Systems (Minor: Operations Management)

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: South Philadelphia, PA

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies/interests: Waterskiing, water tubing, the gym, watching hockey, and traveling.

What’s your favorite hockey team? Oh man is that a question? I should show you my room because I’ve got about 4 Philadelphia Flyers banners hanging up. So, I’m gonna go with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Where have you traveled to? You can just say all seven continents.

Biggest turn-on: A confident smile with eye contact.

Advice you would give a girl trying to impress you: Her walking up to me and saying hi. Initiate conversation.

Celebrity Crush: Can I have two? Jessica Alba and Candace Swanepoel

Three words you’d use to describe yourself: Determined, neat, and sarcastic.

Future career goals/ambitions: After I graduate, I want to get my MBA and then I just want to be a manager or director in some company.

Song you listen to in order to get pumped at the gym: Sweet Nothing Diplo Remix

Most embarrassing song on your iTunes: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Glee! It’s actually a pretty good version of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Favorite quote: A wise man once told me, “You won’t regret the things you do do in life. You will regret the things you do not do.”

Favorite movie genre: Definitely comedies and action films.

Summer Blockbuster that you’re most excited about seeing: Iron Man 3

Guilty pleasure: Driving by myself and singing and dancing in the car.

What’s your idea of a perfect date? We’d start out in PA and end up in New Jersey. It’s a nice 70 degree breezy day in Philadelphia. We take a nice stroll down Kelly Drive. We watch the boat races. We throw out a blanket, lay down, enjoy the sun and watch the people walking by. After a lovely morning at Kelly drive, we go have lunch on the rooftop deck of the Continental. Afterwards, we would drive down together to Summer’s Point in New Jersey and then we would go for a boat ride on my boat and stay out there and watch the sun set.

What is something most of Drexel doesn’t know about you: The reason I’ve been so fortunate to visit so many places around the world is because I used to be a member of the Keystone State Boy Choir.

What made you choose Drexel as your campus? I chose Drexel because Drexel is a well known school and they offered me great financial aid. Going into college I knew that I wanted to major in something related to computers and I knew that the coop program would help me determine what career path best suits my personality and teamwork skills. 

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