Campus Cutie: Drew Banin

Drew Banin

Age: 20

Major: Computer Science

Class: 2016

What are your hobbies? Watching videos of people cooking on YouTube. Usually it’s Jacques Pepin but sometimes I can delve into Martha Stewart or Vietnamese street vendors. I also like to cook in person, but I’m way better at watching YouTube videos than I am at making the things they make. I once made chicken cutlets but didn’t fully cook the chicken so it was still raw. I ate it anyway because I didn’t want to admit defeat. I don’t know if that’s a hobby.

Are you involved in any student organizations? I’m the president of the Drexel Honors Fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi.

What is your favorite part about Drexel? I like the Chinese food from the middle lunch truck parked out front of UCross. That’s my favorite part about Drexel.

Why did you choose Drexel? Time is a flat circle and what has happened before will happen again. The mental construct of choice is an illusion. Also, co-op.

What has been the best moment you have had here? At Made In America last year, the bassist from The Hives threw his bass pick into the crowd and it landed by my feet. I had just grabbed it when a crazy drunk girl came charging towards me and knocked me over. The pick was clenched in my hand and she was clawing at my arm trying to pry my fingers open. I yelled, “OVER MY DEAD BODY” and wrestled myself free from her stuporous assault. Security soon asked me to leave, but I still have the pick!

What do you want to do after you graduate? Move to Silicon Valley and work for Google.