Campus Cutie: Ajon Brodie

Ajon Brodie
Age: 21
Major: Business Entrepreneurship
Class: Junior
What are your hobbies? I have a ton! When the weather permits, I love playing tennis and partaking in pretty much any outdoor activity. I also like festival and concert-hopping. Always down to discover new music. [Editor's Note: Ajon sent us his answers while at Bonnaroo. He's legit.]
Are you involved in any student organizations? As of right now, I'm only involved with The Triangle, Drexel University's student newspaper. 
What is your favorite part about Drexel? My favorite part about Drexel is the mix between the city and campus life, the growth around campus I've seen over the last four years and the close proximity to New York and the surrounding cities.
Why did you choose Drexel? Before receiving the free, no-essay application in the mail, I had never heard of Drexel. I thought I'd just apply for kicks and if things didn't work out at my preferred schools, I'd use it as a back up. After learning about the co-op system, campus life and what the university had to offer, it ended up being a great match. Although, I am a little jealous of all my friends I went to high school with who are graduating while I have another year.
What is the best moment you have had here? Honestly, the best moments have been small get togethers with friends, laughing and kicking back. We've made so many laughable memories together that will live on forever.
What do you plan to do after you graduate? After graduation, my plan is to move out to L.A. and become an on-air entertainment journalist.