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I’m not sure why, but every spring my face decides to freak out and curse me with oily yet dry skin, pimples, and discoloration. Hot right? After much trial and error, I think I came up with one of the most accessible, affordable and ground-breaking skincare routines. I’m no dermatologist, but this stuff is good.


For cleansers, I’ve found that the simpler, the better. Face cleansers that fight acne tend to dry my skin out and cleansers that claim to tone and get deep into my pores irritate my skin. I would instead target my skin issues after my face is nice and clean. I prefer using plain and simple cleansers that remove makeup and moisturize my skin. Maybe I refrain from using cleaners that claim to target my problem areas because I don’t like being disappointed. I love the BLISS Fabulous foaming facewash, it can be pricey, but I always purchase the travel size, and it lasts me over a month. Same goes with the First Aid Beauty gentle cleansing facewash. Full price this baby might be a little too much, but I have always been able to snag it for next to nothing with Sephora’s point perks and travel size section.


My skin is a little whacky in the spring. It’s dry from sun exposure but oily from my bodies reaction to heat. When I have acne-ridden skin, I always grab my Clean and Clear acne moisturizer. This baby is $7, and I have gone through three containers in two years. It feels minty on my skin and helps vanish pimples without drying or irritating my skin. This works wonders, if you purchase anything recommended in this article, get this moisturizer. For some reason when spring rolls around, I want to look like I just got home from a vacation in the Caribbean. I use the Tan Towel face moisturizer as it thoroughly hydrates and smooths my skin while also self-tanning at the same time. I recommend using this in your night routine as I noticed it feels a little greasy when I put it on during the day. This moisturizer doesn’t leave streaks and doesn’t smell like self-tanner. Lastly, when my face feels like it is about to crack off because of how dry it is I go for the big dogs. First Aid Beauty’s Water moisturizer is a real godsend. With this moisturizer, a little goes a long way. It thoroughly hydrates my skin in seconds without making me look greasy or oily. I use this morning and night, and it helps with uneven texture.


For my dark circles, I love using Alba’s fast fix eye cream. This completely hydrates the lines under my eyes and brightens under eyes. For acne, my holy grail is Murad’s acne spot cream. It is incredibly concentrated and doesn’t leave a healed pimple dry and flakey (gross) it is worth the purchase. To brighten my lifeless skin, I stick to using Mario Badescu’s rosewater spray. It’s incredibly affordable, smells fantastic and does wonder for bringing my skin back to life. It can be used to moisturize, cleanse and remove makeup as well as a setting spray and primer for makeup.


Ivy Clarke is a freshman at Drexel University. Being a native of rural Bucks County, PA, Clarke wanted to expand her horizons and go to school in Philadelphia. Majoring in Journalism, Clarke is expressing her creativity while also doing what she loves by writing her Her Campus. 
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