Beauty I Tried It: Kylie Lipkit

Kylie Jenner recently came out with the Kylie lip kit at the end of 2015 and since the day it went on sale it has been hard to purchase, selling out in just a few minutes. The kit includes a lipliner and a matte liquid lipstick, for the price of $29, plus about $10 in shipping. I wanted to try this because I had been admiring Kylie’s flawless lip colors for a while and was interested in seeing how a shade would look on me, since the brand boasts looking good on every skin tone.  I also had never tried a matte liquid lipstick before and was eager to see how that would go.

  On the day of the restock at 3pm, I sat at my laptop refreshing When the page finally loaded with all the shades fully restocked, I quickly added Candy K to my cart and checked out before it was sold out and I would have to wait until the next restock.

  The day it arrived, I ran down to my dorm’s package room excitedly. I hurried back up to my room with my anticipated package and tore open the box. The box contained the lipkit along with an adorable note from Kylie telling me she hoped I enjoyed the product.

  Candy K is described as a soft, warm nude. I did my research and looked at different pictures and reviews of the shade, but upon its arrival the first thing I noticed was that it looked darker than expected. I wasn’t too disappointed with this because I figured I would still like the color even if it wasn’t as nude as I thought it was. In the many reviews I watched, they suggested putting on a coat of chapstick to moisturize the lips since it could dry them out. I made sure to do that and then applied the liner around my lips. Then, I unscrewed the cap to the liquid lipstick and was hit with a soft vanilla smell. I personally enjoyed it, but for those who like their lipsticks unscented, this one may not be for you, although the scent does not linger onto your lips when it dries. The liquid lipstick went on exactly like a lip gloss would, which made for very easy application. I then waited for it to dry, and when it was, I patted my lips with my finger and no residue came off. I admired the color, then went about my day normally to see how long it would last.

  About an hour after the application, I ate my lunch: a bagel with cream cheese, and none of the color came off. I drank some water and noticed a little had come off on the inside of my lip, but it wasn’t noticeable. I continued my day and ate another meal and I didn’t notice any color disappearing. The only time the color would come off is when I drank water and would get some on my lip, but even then only a little would come off. By the end of the day, to fully remove the lip color, I had to use a makeup removing wipe.

  Overall I was incredibly impressed with this product. Not only did it last through two meals, but also the color was beautiful. I would have been pleased with the lipkit even if it hadn’t  last so long but the fact that it did made me that much more impressed. Another perk I loved was the easy application of it. The whole process was very easy, line your lips with the liner, fill them in with the liquid lipstick, and you’re done. The price seemed a bit much at first, but after using it and realizing the pricelessness of the quality, it seems like a fair bargain price to me.

So if you’re thinking of ordering the Kylie Lipkit the next time she restocks it, I recommend you do. It provides beautiful, long lasting color and you will not be disappointed. Make sure to set some time aside for the release because the demand is really high for this product and it sells out super quick.