Beautiful Bliss - Review of the Best Bliss Brand Beauty Buys

One of my personal favorite beauty product brands is Bliss, which can be purchased anywhere from online to Ulta to CVS. Bliss is wonderful in that it actually works, the company's products are fairly priced and easy to find! Here are some of my personal favorite products from Bliss.

1. In The Honey Face Mask

This mask is heavenly, it has an incredible effect and works crazy fast, and has a great smell too. This face mask is specifically designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin without overworking it or polluting it with a bunch of different products. The product is a beautiful mix of honey and lavender and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky without residue. Hydrate your face with this incredibly fast and efficient face mask.

2. Lemon and Sage Hand Cream  

If you use your hands a lot, for school or work, this is the perfect heavy duty hand cream for busy people on the go but looking for a pick-me-up. This hand cream is wonderfully refreshing with a great texture that doesn’t leave your hands sticky or oily. It is fast absorbing so it doesn’t slow you down and has a great rejuvenating scent of lemons.

3. The Real Peel T-Zone and Pores Peel-off mask

The real peel mask is the real deal. This mask is a great peel off mask that doesn’t leave behind tackiness or unwanted residue. This formula reveals gorgeous skin and does a great job at cleaning out pores and leaving your skin feeling flawless.

4. Ex-Glow-Sion Eye Cream

If you are anything like me, you lose a lot of sleep during college - either from studying and homework or spending time with friends or even having a Netflix marathon. But either way, when you lose sleep, refresh and revitalize with a nightly vitamin C cream that helps your eyes feel fresh and leave your undereyes bright.

5. Hot Salt Scrub Body Polish

This body scrub is a hero to anyone with dry skin or uneven skin that wants to feel smooth and soft after just one use. This scrub gives you an icy hot feeling and leaves no sticky residue after use. Your skin will look gorgeous after even just a single use. This scrub removes all the dirt and dead skin from your body and leaves your skin feeling renewed and glowing.

6. Hydration Salvation Facial Oil

This facial oil hydrates and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and with a protective layer of hydration. Personally, I use this oil before applying makeup and it’s a great combination with primer to leave your skin perfect for application while also being practical for hydrating your skin.

7. Makeup Melt Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes

Treat your face to a gentle but strong makeup removing wipe. This wipe doesn’t leave your skin feeling irritated but still removes all of your makeup.

8. Grapefruit and Aloe Body Butter

Great hydration? Check. Great creamy texture? Check. Wonderful scent? Check. This product has a perfect report card. With a sweet and fruity smell and a fantastic creamy yet fast absorbing texture, this body butter is a great option for quality moisturizing without breaking the bank.

9. Fabulips Lip Scrub

Plump up your lips with this phenomenal lip scrub. This great scrub exfoliates without irritating and removes all of the rough patches of your lips leaving them smooth, supple, and pumped up. The flavor is sugar cookie and vanilla and is as sweet and tasty as you would think. This scrub helps your lips get ready for lipstick or can just smooth out your lips in general. Enjoy using this lovely product that doesn’t overwork but also does its job.

10. No Dull Days Cleansing Stick

This charcoal charged cleanser leaves skin radiant. After using this cleanser your skin feels tingly and awake, and looks absolutely beautiful, bright, and glowing. Your skin will look and feel wonderful and you will be ready to take on the day after using this cleanser.

Bliss Skincare is a great brand with great quality, variety, and pricing. Some of my favorite aspects of this brand are its versatility, the ability to be effective, its wide range of products, and its incredible accessibility. Bliss makes skincare easy, fun, and humorous.