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The Bachelor Recap: Week 8

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

This week on The Bachelor was the week of hometown dates. Ben got to meet the women’s families and see where they grew up. Most of the family members were supportive, but a few were skeptical. Keep reading for the full recap of the episode. Beware of spoilers!

The first hometown date was a beach date in Orange County, Calif., with Amanda and her two daughters. Ben got along well with the two little girls as they ran around the beach and played in the sand. Then they traveled back to Amanda’s home to meet her family. Amanda’s family all agreed that Ben seemed too young and not ready to be an instant father. Despite this, Amanda enjoyed Ben’s visit and said that she saw him being a great father to her kids in the future.

Ben’s next hometown date was with Lauren and she took him around her town of Portland, Ore. The couple spent the day eating at food trucks and ended up going to a whisky library. After their whiskey tasting, Lauren took Ben to meet her family. Lauren’s parents really liked Ben, but Lauren’s sister was a bit on the fence because there were still three other women in the picture. Ben responded to her concerns by talking about his feelings for Lauren while he shed a few tears. By the end of the conversation Ben had won over Lauren’s sister.

Caila’s hometown date was in a small town in Ohio. She walked around town with Ben, showing him her high school and a bench that she found particularly romantic. Caila planned an extra special date at a toy-making factory where the couple built their own toy house. The house was complete with a sign that said “Ben and Caila”. The couple then headed out to meet Caila’s family. Ben was a hit with Caila’s family and Caila admitted to her mother that she’s in love with Ben. She planned on telling Ben that she was in love with him that night, but she was too scared to do so after they kissed goodnight.

The final hometown date was in Dallas, Texas, with Jojo. Unfortunately the drama kicked off early on this date as Jojo’s ex-boyfriend left her roses and a note. She began to read the note thinking that it was from Ben, only to be disappointed when she found out that it was from her ex. She called her ex to tell him that she is not interested and told Ben about the call when he arrived. After a heart-to-heart between Ben and Jojo, the two went to meet her family. Jojo’s parents seemed to like Ben but her brothers were very overprotective of their sister. They told Ben that they did not think he was being genuine and Ben seemed to be disappointed in the way the hometown date turned out.

The Rose Ceremony was brief and only Amanda was sent home. She was upset that Ben didn’t tell her that he wasn’t interested when they were in her hometown instead of making her come all the way back out just to be eliminated. She held it together until she got into the limo where she let out her tears.

That’s all for this episode of The Bachelor. The season is wrapping up with only three women and two episodes left. Tune in next week to see Ben’s fantasy suite dates and be sure to check back here for the recap. You can watch a clip from this week’s episode below:

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