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“The Bachelor” Bracket: Week 4

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, the producers behind "The Bachelor" whipped out a Jeep boat. Are you serious?? I also think the show has a lifetime supply of bungee cords because I swear this happens every season. “Do you trust me?” Sure. I just don’t know how that relates to trusting a piece of elastic wrapped around my ankles… Ok now that I’ve finished bashing these unrealistic dates, it’s time for happy news! Sharleen finally shares her opera skills next episode! As much as I wish for her to be gone, the girl’s got some pipes. She and Clare need a reality check though. They do know the point of the show is for Juan to date all the women in the house… right??

Review of Last Episode:

Drama Queen of the Week: Clare & Kelly

Best Chemistry: Nikki & Andi

Biggest Surprise: Finding Juan Pablo in your kitchen in the morning

Awkward Moment: Sharleen & Juan Pablo’s kiss

Most Unrealistic date: AJjeep/boat then yacht. Dang, girl.


Next Week's Predictions:

Drama Queen: Kelly & Clare. Do they just not understand the premise of this show??

One on One: Sharleen &  Elise

Who Will Receive a Rose:

1. Andi

2. Renee

3. Kelly

4. Sharleen

5. Elise

6. Kat

7. Clare

8. Lauren

Next to go: Allison & Danielle

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