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The Bachelor Bracket as Told by Kody

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

You’ve already seen what a guy thinks about The Bachelor when he’s forced to watch it. However, this season Kody (’17) actually enjoys tuning in every Monday to see the show that so many girls obsess over. He has kindly offered some insight into which contestant he wants to see wearing an engagement ring at the end of it all.

Here is “The Bachelor Bracket” as told by Kody:

Top 15

1. Corrine

2. Danielle M.

3. Danielle L.

4. Astrid

5. Jasmine

6. Raven

7. Kristina

8. Sarah

9. Josephine

10. Taylor

11. Alexis

12. Whitney

13. Jaimi

14. Rachel

15. Vanessa


Top 11

1. Raven

2. Danielle M.

3. Danielle L.

4. Kristina

5. Sarah

6. Corrine

7. Vanessa

8. Alexis

9. Jasmine

10. Josephine

11. Rachel


Top 9

1. Danielle L.

2. Raven

3. Vanessa

4. Danielle M.

5. Sarah

6. Jasmine

7. Rachel

8. Alexis

9. Kristina


Top 6

1. Danielle L.

2. Raven

3. Vanessa

4. Danielle M.

5. Sarah

6. Jasmine


Top 4

1. Danielle L.

2. Raven

3. Vanessa

4. Danielle M.


Top 3

1. Raven

2. Vanessa

3. Danielle M.


Final 2

1. Vanessa

2. Danielle M.


The One

Danielle M<3


“Alright, now that you know my predictions let me break down the top contestants for you,” Kody said.


“Alright, well I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this girl is the equivalent of a 12 year-old with Bieber fan except she’s 24 and she’s obsessed with Nick. I don’t think they’ve had an actual conversation although he did lick whipped cream off her boobs which obvi means it’s a match made in heaven. ABC will keep her around for another week for entertainment, but hopefully Nick gets rid of her.”


Danielle M.

“She’s an angel. She’s an angel that is a nurse for babies. She’s gorgeous. She’s probably the only reasonably mature and fun girl on the show. Maybe I’m biased, but yeah. She better get the ring and if she doesn’t then I’m going to find a way to marry her myself.”


Danielle L.

“Eh. She’s pretty and Nick has had a lot of one-on-one time with her, but I don’t think they actually talk about anything when they’re together. She’ll be around for a while because she has a real personality and doesn’t start drama, but in the end I think Nick will go for someone he has an actual connection with.”



“Homegirl in the shark dolphin costume. I mean she basically had me at hello when she walked up in the costume and committed to it, but then again I’m a suck for quirky weirdos. She has consistently been the weirdest on the show, but she’s genuine and you have to respect that. Still haven’t seen Nick and her actually talk one-on-one much, though.”






“I have to say she’s arguably the most attractive girl on the show. If it were a competition of who was the prettiest (which with Nick it might be), I’d say she takes the cake. I think once she gets a one-on-one date with him, she will definitely stick around for a while. She’s another one that doesn’t seem fake and I hope she makes it far.”



“While I agree with her that Corrine is annoying and the worst, Taylor is a little bit over the top and borderline b*tchy. She seems a little more invested in messing with Corrine than actually going for Nick. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good girl fight, but I think Corrine would most likely beat the sh*t out of Taylor given her psycho tendencies.”



“Her accent is a major turn on. Her teeth are legit perfect – absolutely gorgeous. She finally actually opened up to Nick (sort of?) and I’d like to see that continue. She’s one of the less psycho girls on the show and she actually acts her age, so I’d like to see her go another couple of weeks.”



“While I find nothing about her attractive or likeable (sorry that’s rude), Nick seems to see something in her. She also had a good conversation with Nick this past week so I’m sure that will keep her locked in for a bit, but ultimately I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if she got the boot.”



“Another gem in my book. She works with kids with special needs and she actually has a genuine connection with Nick. Nick also kissed her after she straight up vom.com’d in front of him. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. I’ll hold your hair, but I’m waiting until you brush your teeth before I put my mouth anywhere near yours. Regardless, I think she’ll stick around and potentially win it all. Hopefully, she doesn’t piss off Nick by being too brutally honest with him.”



“… Oh the girl with the boobs. Let’s be honest: that’s really all she’s known for. Yeah, she’s probably leaving soon unless Nick just wants to keep her “assets” around.”



“I know I said earlier I like quirky girls, but Josephine is actually a little too quirky. She embraces the cheesiness of everything (no pun intended with the cow date), but I don’t think she has a connection with Nick. I also don’t think she’s that pretty, but I’m not that into blondes in general (unless your name is Danielle M.).”



“Jasmine is another one that never ceases to make me laugh in an episode.”



“Ugh. Raven is basically every guy’s dream southern belle. Gorgeous. Southern. Down to earth. Fun. Wow, I hope my girlfriend isn’t reading this … She also had a killer one-on-one with Nick this week and she’s straight up with him, which although he seems weirdly into Corrine, he also seems to like the girls who are real with him. What a concept …”



“Who spells Jaimi like that? Like seriously. That alone pisses me off. Also, her hair kind of looks like ramen. Sorry if that’s insensitive. She seems like a nice girl, but overall nothing to write home about. He might keep her around, but I don’t see her going the distance.”


This is Kody’s first time ever investing himself in The Bachelor. “I’m a hopeless romantic and I think that Nick should give the ring to Danielle M. I know that she’s a bit quiet and reserved, so I could see her falling to the wayside with all of the intense, loud personalities we have on this season,” he said. Kody thinks there is still plenty of drama and crying ahead, but from what he’s heard, it wouldn’t be The Bachelor without some juicy controversy and crippling heartbreaks. Let us know what you think in the comments!



Ariana is a senior communications major and a writer for Her Campus at Drexel University. She loves to learn about pop culture, sex and gender, and is currently working on her senior project researching communication about sexual health on campus. Her go-to binge-worthy shows are Friends and Sex and the City.