Abby Kessler and Katie Loftus, Founders of Smak Parlour Boutique

All Drexel Dragons know our fellow students and alumni go on to do amazing things all over the world. Abby Kessler and Katie Loftus are two very special alumni who have done just that. Kessler and Loftus are the founders of the cutest boutique in the city, Smak Parlour.

Located in the heart of Old City at 2nd & Market Street, the bubblegum pink filigreed storefront stands out from the crowd of red-brick buildings and pubs. Inside its doors you will find everything from a mod mini-dress to a punk-rock studded headband. Whether you’re looking to finish off an edgy look or a girly ensemble, the quirky accessories and apparel you’ll find at Smak Parlour can complete any outfit. But exactly how did Kessler and Loftus find their way to their amazing store?

It all started in a high school bathroom. No, seriously. They met while applying make-up into the same mirror and instantly became best friends. The two decided to go to Drexel together and a few years post-graduation they began their line called Smak, a collection of silkscreened and embellished tops that they sold to boutiques nation-wide.

Once their line caught on the two decided to literally set up shop. Though at first they put everything on credit cards, they used their DIY skills and a little elbow grease to get Smak Parlour going in 2005.

Now the two entrepreneurs are taking their shop to the streets. Running the fashion truck they created last year all over the city to events and sidewalks, Kessler and Loftus bring their creations to the shopper in a mini-boutique on wheels. The truck is filled with clothes and accessories that sometimes spill into the streets on their signature funky racks and mannequin heads. It is even air-conditioned for hot summer days and filled with tracking lights and dressing rooms! The local artist-designed outside wrap makes the truck stand out, just like their cheery storefront.

Kessler and Loftus are powerful Dragons who provide the perfect career inspiration! They went to Drexel just like you and now they spend their time running their own boutique, designing and creating adorable clothes, and innovating in their field to expand their brand. Can you think of anything better?

Get even more inspired by checking out their store, shopping online, and following them on Twitter!

[Final photo courtesy of Smak Parlour’s Facebook page. All other photos by Aubrey Nagle.]