90s Trends That You Are Wearing Right Now

It’s hard to believe 90’s trends have so much influence with today’s fashion aesthetic. Take a look at these trends you can work to tap into your 90’s babe vibe.

Mom Jeans

Image Courtesy of The Fashion Tag

Holy crap, this is the holy grail of 90’s trends, and can I just say… pant style of the year. No one can go wrong with a good pair of Levi’s. All the way back from the late 80’s to 90’s, high-waisted jeans with a slim fit silhouette have taken casual fashion to a whole other level. Not willing to pay the pricey Levi’s Urban Outfitters offers? Go on your own adventure and thrift them! Depop, a mobile marketplace, welcomes many thrift resellers that hold thousands of your perfect pair of mom jeans.

Vintage Sunnies

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Sunglasses, shades, sunnies - we are all about it. Starting from Jennifer Aniston (aka a 90’s fashion goddess), the trend has been taken by storm. Forget if it’s not sunny out, girls are loving the skinny accessory to finish their whole outfit. These type of glasses just scream trendy girl vibes. These glasses are also perfect for Instagram selfies!

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Taking it back to Clueless vibes, and we are not mad about it. Haven’t you always wanted to look like Cher some days at school? Well, you can. Rock the iconic yellow plaid in either pant, shirt, or accessory form. Clothing brand, I. AM. GIA., releases many on-trend pieces that are especially influenced by the 90’s aesthetic. For more inspo, check out their website.

Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Cargo Pants

Image Courtesy of Shoes and Macaroons

Yes, cargo pants, and you never would have thought it would actually be a trend. Taking it back from TLC vibes, LF has released the cargo pant in their newest spring season. A little like the mom jean silhouette, the cargo pants bring a more casual laid-back look. You can either dress it up with some lace accents and booties, or for a more laid-back look, throw on your sneakers and comfy tee.

Image Courtesy of LF Stores

The Slip Dress

Image Courtesy of Bustle

Ugh, just iconic. If you either have a black silky tank or the classic long slip dress, rock that thing! This look is the least 90's-looking trend if you are worried about experimenting with these trends. The black slip is so versatile, you can throw it on top of a white tee or bare it all and look tasteful AF. Throw on some gold jewelry and show it off, lady.

Image Courtesy of Glamour

Next time you want to dress to your 90's nostalgia, look for these key items to incorporate into your stylish wardrobe and don't forget to take some pictures for Instagram!