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9 Items to Take Home During Thanksgiving Break

As you prepare for the holiday breaks approaching it may be a good idea to plan on what to bring home from campus. It may be a little overwhelming looking at your packed and cluttered room. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We created a list of nine items that you should bring back home over break. 

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Skirts/shorts Obviously it’s significantly colder than it was when you first moved into school this fall. Save yourself some space by getting rid of or bringing your unused skirts and shorts home. I recommend completely reselling or giving away any skirts or shorts you didn’t end up wearing during the school year because if you didn’t wear them in the last three months then you won’t next spring. 

Toiletries I am a notorious over packer and find myself buying bulk shampoo and hairspray. But three months have passed since classes started and I am still on the same bottle of shampoo that I was on during week one. For the sake of the holidays, donate your unused toiletries to food pantries since they won’t be used by you for a long while. 


Similar to the skirts and shorts, you will not find yourself wearing your scrappy sandals anytime soon. Swap your sandals for your boots while you’re home for break. 


I know I’m not the only girl who cycles through the same three bras leaving the rest ignored in my drawer. It’s time to purge the drawer and get rid of the bras you never wear. 


Let’s face it. We can’t all have the perfect Pinterest style room. We all have that pile of room decorations hiding in a corner collecting dust. Save yourself the embarrassment and just give the DIY decorations away. 

School work

It’s more than likely that we all have a ton of school work that we never look at anymore. Purge both your physical and digital school work so your head will be clear for the next term. 

Free T-shirts

The beginning of the school year is closely associated with the mass amounts of free promotion t-shirts that are handed out throughout the first month of school. Half of them are not wearable for public outings and the rest are either too large or way too small. A good idea is to cut some of the thicker shirts into rags for dusting and cleaning, that way you are not being wasteful. 


Like bras, I find myself using the same mug and bowl every time I eat. Bring your souvenir mugs and mass amounts of plates in storage. 


Face it. We are not as sentimental of the glory high school days as we used to be. Replace your old photos of your friends that you hardly talk to anymore with pictures of something that matters, like puppies. At least looking at those will make you feel better during finals week.

Hopefully we made your decluttering process a little less stressful so you can spend time on what is really important, being with your family. Happy holidays, collegiettes!



Ivy Clarke is a freshman at Drexel University. Being a native of rural Bucks County, PA, Clarke wanted to expand her horizons and go to school in Philadelphia. Majoring in Journalism, Clarke is expressing her creativity while also doing what she loves by writing her Her Campus. 
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