8 Viral Videos You May Have Forgot About

We have grown up in a technologically savvy environment, where a lot of embarrassing and life changing moments are now filmed and posted on the Internet. With the creation of YouTube and Vine, came the ability to find videos at anytime and by anybody. It’s hard to remember all videos that have gone viral, but here’s a list of eight of our favorites. Prepare to rewatch videos you may have forgot about and view some hilarious ones you may be seeing for the first time.
Charlie Bit Me 
Harry melted our hearts when he exclaimed, “Charlie bit me!” Can you believe that it was seven whole years ago that this gem was posted to YouTube? Harry and Charlie must be so grown up now (sigh). This video perfectly captures the pain of older siblings everywhere and the things our little siblings do to us (even if we do prevoke them).
“Linda, honey, just listen.”
The year 2014 began with our favorite future lawyer talking his way out of trouble for eating cupcakes when he shouldn’t have! We wonder: was Linda convinced by his argument?
Two-Year-Old Heaven dances to Beyoncé
Heaven, the dancing two-year- old, caught the attention of the Queen Bey for her awesome dance moves. She even made her own Nae Nae video! Heaven, now five years old, is a star in the making. Here is the original video and her first epic performance on The Ellen Show with her mother, Tianne. Feel the girl power! 
Original Harlem Shake
Who can forget a dude in a pink body suit shaking what he’s got? Here is the unforgettable video that launched the world into a phenomenon of flash dancing!
Chocolate Rain
Chocolate rain sounds like a dream, right? Well, this blast from the past (eight years already?!) makes you look beyond the chocolate fantasy to more important issues in society. Thanks, Tay Zonday!
What Are Those?
When your best friend buys those shoes you had secretly thought were horrible, there usually isn’t a good reaction to it. But with the dawn of this Vine video, you now know exactly what to say—“WHAT ARE THOSE?”.
“Super Bass” Cover by Sophia Grace and Rosie
This bite sized British duo rapped their way onto The Ellen Show stage with their rendition of  Nicki Minaj’s major hit “Super Bass”. After being featured on The Ellen Show, Sophie Grace and Rosie became regular guests on our favorite talk show. Where are they now? Click here to find out!
Mila finds out Adam Levine got married
This bonus video is the most recent viral sensation, where little Mila expressed our exact sentiments when finding out Adam Levine got married. Although we love the “Sugar” crooner and lead man of Maroon 5,  Mila wins the contest for Adam’s number one fan. Click here to see Mila’s reaction to meeting Adam on The Ellen Show.
With the evolution of Vines, it seemed that hits like these were going down the drain, but Vine stars have only made it easier to watch the funniest videos in between classes. But these classics will always have a special place in our hearts, no matter how many times we see “Yea but that backflip though!”’.