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7 Ways to Stay Entertained If You’re On Co-op Over Spring Break

It’s finally that time of year when we can celebrate the end of the dreadful past three months known as Winter Term and relish the sunshine soon to grace our gray buildings. As most of the student body heads off to enjoy Spring Break, a few of us will still be on campus finishing our fall-winter co-ops. Although the campus will be lacking population and Instagram will be filled with sunny beach photos, there are still fun things to do when the campus is deserted. I promise.


1. Take advantage of the empty restaurants on campus.

Shake Shack, Savas, and all the other restaurants usually swamped with students during the week will be much less crowded, making a meal easier to get and creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Sabrina’s won’t have their typical weekend brunch crowd, making it the perfect spot to grab your co-op friends for a nice meal before you’re back to regular classes and college food.



2. Sing your heart out.

If you’re lucky, your roommates will have left the dorm to yourself, giving you a great opportunity to practice your Broadway audition… or just sing about all your co-op feels, whatever tickles your vocal chords. Put together some of your favorite karaoke songs on a playlist, grab your hair brush, and belt out that T-Swift song that’s been stuck in your head the past few days.

3. Hangout with those friends you haven’t’ seen all term.

We all have those friendships that don’t require a ton of effort. You text every so often and when you do meet up, it’s like you talk every day. If they’re on co-op take this time to invite them over for dinner or meet up at Ed’s. Once classes start up again, schedules get busy and free time becomes a thing of the past. Take advantage of this opportunity!



4. Bake a tray of cookies for yourself. You know how those cookies never seem to last as long as you’re hoping? With everyone gone there should be no one to steal your freshly baked goodies. This batch of cookies should last a week this time! Well, if you want it to last that long. Her Campus Drexel knows no judgement when it come to cookies.


5. Become a recluse and finally finish that book!

With so few distractions, challenge yourself to not watch TV this last week. Read books and get your mind back into reading mode. There are tons of books in the library and even more on E-readers, meaning you have no excuse. It’s easy to just come home from work and crash in front of the TV but reading a book keeps your brain going and works that imagination you probably haven’t tapped in the last few months.


6. Movie marathons

If you honestly don’t want to read because you know you’ll be reading tons in upcoming classes, invite your friends over for a movie/Netflix/TV marathon. You could easily pull out one or two Harry Potter movies each night, or get through a whole season of “House of Cards” on Netflix. If no one’s around to watch you be a couch potato, who knows if it actually happened? You also don’t have to fight with anyone for the remote. Your couch, your popcorn, your movie choice!


7. Try out new makeup and style trends.

You can go complete clown face and no one will be around to laugh. Attempt the smokey eye or neon eyeliner trend in the comfort of your own home, when it is highly unlikely a friend would drop by unannounced or call you urgently to meet them. Don’t just stop at make up though. Try out new hairstyles or spring trends so you can totally rock the classroom chic look in a couple of weeks.


Lindsey is a senior at Drexel University, majoring in operations management & bus. analytics. She has been with Her Campus Drexel for four years and was CC for the middle two. Along with living the city life, she takes an active interest in street style, putting together puzzles and binge-watching her current Netflix obsession. She actually calls Montana her true home so now you can say you know that someone actually lives there ;). When she's in Philly, you can find her in Center City scouring the racks of thrift stores, Old Navy, and H&M if she's not on campus enjoying the multiple food trucks or catching up on the readings she put off until the last day.
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