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7 Things to be Thankful for in College

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are approaching, and people usually question us about what we are thankful for. If we are being honest, this is hard to do sometimes as a college student. Yes, we are thankful for our education, roofs over our heads, food to eat and families who love us; I cannot stress that enough. Family, friends and finding what makes you happy is what truly satisfies you in life. However, when finals are right around the corner, sometimes it’s hard to find the little things to be thankful for when we are so stressed. So, here are a few everyday perks to be thankful for that might give you a few laughs and a break from your finals and holiday anxiety!

1. Memes

You’re lying if you say a meme has never made your day better. I can think of several occasions when a meme has boosted my mood. Either, you saw it alone and laughed out loud to yourself, or a friend from home who you miss tagged you in something you can both relate to. Memes are relatable, hilarious and a wonderful thing to have graced social media.   

2. Snapchat filters that make you look cuter/better than you do in real life

I am a firm believer that everyone is beautiful “au naturale” but we all have our bad days. Snapchat filters are lifesavers when you want to send that Snapchat to the boy you like, but you look like hell from being up late studying the night before. The filters have saved us all, let us be thankful for them.

3. Starbucks’ mobile ordering capability

Nothing much more to be said. This has helped everyone’s a** when they needed caffeine, but were going to be late to class.


Honestly, VSCO is great for editing photos but, if we’re being real… everyone is thankful for this app because it is a great way to stalk people. We all creep on people on social media, whether they are famous or a girl in our class, we all do it (don’t lie).  We tend to VSCO stalk when we are curious about someone on social media, but their Instagram account is private.

5. Discounts for college students

These are awesome and often forgotten about. Spotify offers a 50% discount to college students, which is a pretty sweet deal. Recently, Spotify and Hulu teamed up with a $4.99 per month subscription plan for students. TV and music are what we need to survive in this digital age, so these deals are something to be thankful for.

6. Uber

As Uber has become a norm, we forget that it has changed our lives. There is no longer a need for DDs (designated drivers) and walks of shame are not a thing, unless your phone is dead or you lost it the night before.

7. Bitmoji

We now all get to be Lizzie McGuire! These are also fun to use on Snapchat when you can have your Bitmoji meet your best friend’s Bitmoji. We have all smiled at the one with you and your friend sleeping in the sushi beds – it’s cute and hilarious.

When you’re feeling a little down and out during finals week, remember that you have these seven things to help you trudge through everything and finish strong. 

Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. Currently a nursing student at Drexel University. When not writing for HerCampus or studying loves to run, read and draw.
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