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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

College is a crazy busy time, especially for those of us on the quarter system. Anything that makes our lives even a little bit easier should not be taken for granted, so we’ve compiled a list of seven apps that do just that! Did we mention they’re all free?

1. DrexelOne

If you haven’t heard of it already, Drexel has its very own app that provides information about campus directories, shuttle schedules, and Drexel staff. It even shows you what class you have coming up next and where it’s located! If you’re on a meal plan, you can see how many meal swipes or dining dollars you have left. You can also check your GPA and so much more.

2. myHomework

This app works as a planner that lets you organize all of your assignments by class and then shows them in the order in which they’re due. Once you create a free account, you can sync the app to both your phone and laptop!

3. Drexel Guardian

The Drexel Guardian app is meant to keep you safe on campus. When you’re walking home alone from a party late at night, you can set a “safety timer” on the app. If you don’t deactivate the timer before the time runs out, the app knows something is wrong and will alert Public Safety of your whereabouts. It also has a direct link to call Public Safety or 911 at any time!

4. BbLearn

Now you can conveniently (and obsessively) check your grades anytime you want! Most of your professors will use BbLearn to upload the syllabus and assignments anyway so instead of lugging your laptop around, you can keep up with schoolwork right from your smartphone.


If you’re tired of typing in the SEPTA website into your search bar every time you want to take public transportation, their app is the most convenient way to look at schedules for the Regional Rail, the Market-Frankford line, SEPTA buses, and more!

6. Quizlet

When you’re standing around waiting for the subway, you can review for that quiz you have tomorrow using online flashcards. You can either make them on your own or search for similar ones that someone else has already made!

7. Barnes & Noble My College Bookstore

With this app you can shop for your college apparel, notebooks, textbooks and more. It’s also possible to track your order history and, as an added bonus, you get 25 percent off your next purchase in-store or on the app!

So by now you should have already gotten on your phone and started downloading every one of these apps because they all have the potential to make your time at Drexel just a little bit more organized, safer, and more convenient. Let us know what apps you use to stay organized in the comments below. Good luck this term, Dragons!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.