6 Disadvantages of a Leap Year

Every four years, a tragedy occurs. An extra day is added to the annual calendar to balance out the Earth’s alignment around the sun. People are always excited about how fascinating this is, but there are some inconveniences about an extra day that we can’t overlook.  


There’s one extra day until your birthday.

It’s bad enough that it takes a whole 365 days for my birthday to come, but with this extra day the wait is a whole 24 hours longer. It feels especially devastating when I’m waiting for that birthday when I can finally take my ‘first’ drink.
It takes longer for the year to end.

When 2016 starts going downhill; I’ll be cursing the leap year for making me endure one more second of it. I’d like to fast-forward to champagne and ball drops and New Year’s resolutions, please! Let me hope for six-pack abs for crying out loud!

There’s always that annoying person who reminds you that their birthday only comes once every four years.

I get it. You only get to celebrate your birthday on the right date every four years. That does not mean you have to get on my very last nerve about it when February 29 decides to eventually show up.

Mixing up the dates.


I just spent two months getting used to writing “2016”, now I have to rush to finish assignments only to find out it’s due the next day and be reminded that B-Round rankings are due tomorrow, not today? Seriously?


“Reverse” proposals.

Leap day may allow me to flex my feminist muscle and ask my significant other to marry me, but what if I’ve been dreaming of him getting on his knee? Should I propose in order to decrease the wait time or hope that one day he will fulfill my dreams?



Realizing Leap Day 2016 is on a Monday.

Where is my free day? A whole extra day got added to the year, but I don’t seem to know exactly where it went. I’ll be in class, so does that mean I should celebrate the extra day on Sunday? I think yes.


A leap year may come with some problems, but it is still another day for adventures! Plus, it only happens every four years, so you won’t have to worry about it next year! But for now, you’ve got 24 extra hours this year to do whatever you please, so make the most of it!

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