6 Best Outdoor Bars in Philadelphia

Warm weather is right around the corner, and we know you're wondering where you're going to spend your happy hours and warm weekend nights! Take advantage of the good weather and visit some of these awesome outdoor bars right in Philly. 


1. Bok Bar

If you're looking for a classy, outdoor bar with a breathtaking view of the city, then Bok Bar is the bar for you. This bar is located in South Philly on top of an old high school on the eighth floor. It doesn't sell liquor, but you can grab a beer or a nice glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful view of Philadelphia. To check out their hours and specials, click here


2. Morgan's Pier

Morgan's Pier is super huge and always a wild place to go. It's located right on the riverfront and boasts more than 500 seats for all of the patrons. If you're looking to have a more wild weekend night out under the stars, then click here to find out more. 


3. Silk City

Looking for a club, diner and an outdoor beer garden combined into one? Then Silk City is the place for you! You can start the night off relaxing out in the cute garden, then head inside to dance at the club before ending the night with some late night munchies in their diner. To find out more, click here


4. Graffiti Bar

Graffiti Bar isn't technically out in the open because it has a roof over it; their website does describe it as existing on a "30-seat open air patio". This bar is located behind the restaurant, Sampan, on S. 13th St. in Center City Philadelphia. You wouldn't even know that it was there - only a small lit-up sign points the way down a long, desolate alleyway. But, at the end of the alleyway is a super chic bar with bumping music. Although it's small and can get a little crowded, the atmosphere is still super awesome. 


5. The PHS Pop-up Garden 

This pop-up beer garden is right on Drexel's campus at 36th and Filbert St., so it's a super convenient place to grab a drink. PHS stands for the "Pennsylvania Horticultural Society," so the flowers and other foliage are gorgeous. On a warm summer night, this is the perfect place to grab a calm, relaxing drink, enjoy the weather, the ambient lighting, and the scenery. For more information, and to find out when it opens for the summer, click here

6. Frankford Hall

If you're a beer lover, then this beer garden is the place for you to go. The outdoor seating consists of cute picnic tables, plus it has delicious finger foods. On weekends, it's a super fun place to go. Plus, it's in the heart of Fishtown, so it's perfect for barhopping! To find out more, click here.  


Summer is the best time to have fun, and sometimes there's nothing better than grabbing a drink with your closest friends at one of these nice outdoor bars.