6 Annoying Things All Gay Girls Experience

When I came out at as a lesbian, on Facebook of all places, I was 16 years-old. I’d just gotten together with my first girlfriend, and I was ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, most people in my high school thought that I came out for attention. I presented femininely, and I had forced myself to talk about guys to “fit in” with other girls.

Eventually I got over my insecurities, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t assumptions regarding my sexuality. I love being a lesbian, but over the years I’ve gotten a lot of strange reactions to my sexuality from people who don’t understand, and I’m not alone. We’ve compiled a list of the six annoying things all gay girls experience.


1. All the relationship advice for women is about guys

We know, we know. There are a lot of women interested in men. But there are a lot of us who love ladies too!


2. When straight girls tell you not to hit on them

Believe it or not, gay girls aren’t attracted to every girl they see.


3. When guys ask if they can “watch” you and your girlfriend…

We don’t exist to be part of your fantasy. Shocking, I know.


4. People saying you hate men.

We don’t hate men just because we love women!


5. People ask if you and your girlfriend are sisters or best friends

No. We’re dating. We kiss and do lots of gay things together. We’re gay. 


6. “It’s such a shame you’re gay, you’re such a pretty girl”

Thanks! I know I’m pretty, and I date pretty women too!

Even if some people are ignorant, I would never take back coming out, and I would never wish to be straight. Here’s to all us gay girls existing unapologetically!

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