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5 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Regimen

Many of us look forward to spring for several reasons. Whether it’s the nice weather, the new trends, or the well-deserved break before spring term, there’s just something about spring that puts everyone in a better mood. Whichever is your vice, the most anticipated, or, perhaps, the most dreaded, event of the season is definitely spring-cleaning. There’s no better feeling than removing heavy sweaters from your closet and replacing them with lightweight pieces. This year, don’t forget to spring clean your makeup! As you sort through your clothing and finish your dusting, start assessing your beauty hygiene.

1. Clean your dirty brushes

If you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in a while, now is a great time to do so. Makeup brushes can be a very expensive investment. Save yourself more than a few dollars and clean them often enough so you don’t have to replace them. This may also be the time to purchase a new beauty blender. In case you didn’t know, this magical sponge is like every other sponge that exists in that it can grow mold (yuck)!


2. Switch to BB Cream

In the winter, it may have been perfectly fine to wear foundation all the time since you didn’t have to worry so much about it melting off. In the warmer months, though, this heavy formula could feel like your face is sliding off. BB Creams are a great spring alternative for heavy winter foundations. If you need the coverage, use a concealer. Not only are BB creams lightweight, they’re also good for your skin. Many of them have plenty of SPF to save your face from the sun!


3. Try matte formulas

If you have oily skin, this is probably a given for you. To avoid walking around with a shiny face all day, try mattifying makeup. Invest in a really good setting powder; you’ll definitely have it for a long time since a little goes a long way. Or carry blotting sheets around with you – they’re quick and easy to use and they take up little to no space in your makeup bag.

4. Clean your storage

The space where you keep your makeup should be just as clean as your makeup itself. If you are using acrylic drawers, wipe them down and make sure they are free of dust and dried up makeup. The same goes if you have your makeup laid out on a tray. Make sure to wipe the surface to remove all dust. This is also an excuse to reorganize your setup. If you keep your makeup in a makeup bag, get a new one! We probably all have makeup stains in our bag, so it’s time to get rid of it. You never know exactly how many germs can be living and breeding in your makeup bag!


5. Toss the empties

If you’re hanging on to the last bit of mascara in the bottle, give it up girl! Just toss it! Depending on how long you’ve had the tube, it was probably supposed to be tossed a long time ago, anyway. If you’re hanging on to an empty product because you love the cute packaging, toss it! Some brands have recycling policies, in which case you should round up your empties and see if you can trade them in for a free product. If there’s a product that has been sitting in your storage for months, but you’ve never actually used it, toss it! The only thing they’re doing is taking up space and creating more clutter and germs.

Your beauty hygiene is just as important as your body hygiene or your dental hygiene. Make sure you clean your makeup regularly, and don’t be afraid to switch things up. It’s perfectly fine to switch to a much lighter, lower maintenance beauty routine. Take these steps to make sure you’re going into spring with a fresh start and a clean face!

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