5 Places to Travel After College

It’s usually around the dead of winter when I start to dream of warmer weather. If you also find yourself staring out the window longing for blue skies and the warmth of the sun and counting the days till you are done with school, read on! Here is a list of dreamy and affordable places that you’ll be dying to visit after graduation. 


1. Bolivia 

Image courtesy of The Culture Trip

Bolivia is a great country to visit for a culturally rich experience, it has over 36 different ethnic groups and  60% of its population is of indigenous background. The landscape is as equally diverse as the people ranging from snow-capped mountains to thick jungles, Bolivia has much to offer. Bolivia is also pretty cheap, currently, a dollar in American is equal to almost 7 bolivianos


2. Costa Rica 

Image courtesy of Desafio Costa Rica

Eager to hit the beaches? Because Costa Rica is a “skinny” country you are able to visit both the Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Or check out the El Salto “secret” swimming hole. Walk through rainforests, visit the non-active volcanoes and enjoy the hot springs that must be credited to the heat of active volcanoes. If you go after graduation in June it will be the rainy season in Costa Rica which equates to lower prices, since it is their less busy time of year. 


3. Vietnam 

Image courtesy of Chasing the Unexpected

If you are more interested in Asian culture why not visit Vietnam? Vietnam similar to Bolivia is also very affordable. It’s a great place to see wildlife such as sea turtles and if you don’t mind staying in hostels and airbnbs then you can really get around relatively cheaply. You can hike in the beautiful Sapa Valley or try tasting the legendary “Happy Waters”, either way, there are plenty of things to do. If you visit make sure to check out Halong Bay with its turquoise waters and massive stones that arise from the magical waters.


4. Thailand  


Image courtesy of TheCultureTrip

In love with elephants? You can visit the Elephant Hills in Khao Sok. There, elephants are taken care of and bred. Visitors are not allowed to ride them, but they can be washed by visitors. You can also visit a dive shop so that you can see the gentle whale sharks that pass through Koh Tao. Plus, Thailand has plenty of islands that you come hop to and fro to get the most out of your experience. Once again Thailand is relatively cheap, and its diverse modes of transportation make it possible to see this beautiful country. 


5. New Orleans 

Image courtesy of NewOrleans

If you want to go somewhere rich in culture but not outside of the U.S. New Orleans is definitely the place to go. While hotels can get expensive, hostels provide a cheaper option for broke college students. With carnivals, celebrations, and festivals it seems like there is always something to do in New Orleans. 


Hopefully one of these places sparked some inspiration for a post-graduation trip, a spring break trip, or a girls trip! There are so many cultures and places to see, so don’t miss out!