5 Places to Go in Philly When the Weather Is Nice

Spring term is almost at an end which means the nice weather is here! There are plenty of places around Philadelphia to go and enjoy the sun and warm temperature. Here are some of the nicest places to hang out when you want to take advantage of the sunshine.


Old City

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Old city is one the places in Philadelphia where you can go to see beautiful architecture. In addition to the scenic architecture, there are plenty of shops and restaurants that you and your friends can explore. And for any art lovers, on the first Friday of every month, you can wander into Old City and see the artwork and masterpieces of artists from Philadelphia. So when you want a bit more of a laid back experience, Old City could be the place for you.


Cira Green

Cira Green, a rooftop park located at 30th and Chestnut, is one of the most unique places in Philly. Walking there is super easy and free so no need to worry about having to pay. Once you arrive, you are surrounded by the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia, so be sure to bring your camera for a great photo-op and awesome selfies! The park is open year-round and hosts plenty of events and gatherings. So whether you go to soak up the sun and lay out or you attend an event, Cira Green is a great escape from the city.


Dilworth Park

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Right in front of City Hall, Dilworth Park is a great location for chilling after a good shopping spree in Center City or just grabbing coffee and people watching. During the warmer months, events like Sips, movie showings and live music are always happening in the park.


Franklin Square   

Franklin Square is one of the places to go if you are looking for a more serene environment. More of a family friendly park, Franklin Square has plenty of activities to do like carousels, mini golfing and plenty of green space. One event that gets a lot of attraction is The Chinese Lantern Festival, running from May 9 to June 11. So make sure you stop by to see all there is to offer.


South Street

Image courtesy of Flickr

South Street is one of the liveliest places in Philadelphia. With plenty of shops lining the streets, you are certain to find something that will catch your eye. With plenty of places to eat and drink, like the Jim’s Steaks and Lorenzo and Sons Pizza, you can certainly find something to satisfy your tastebuds as well.


The next time you find yourself bored inside on a beautiful day be sure to check out some of these places in Philly.